Apple’s latest iPhone is arguably its best-value model to date. It includes nearly all the important features of the iPhone XS but comes at a much lower price. And in one way, it’s the best iPhone ever: it has the biggest battery yet in an iPhone which lasts comfortably more than a day. You can read The Independent’s full review here. Apple has yet to make its own iPhone XR case, which is unusual, though this may change. In the meantime, every other case company has come up with folios, sleeves, back-only cases and more. Here are some of the best.

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The iPhone XR is compatible with wireless charging: in each example here, the phone can be charged wirelessly without removing the case – though the Pipetto 2-in-1 is slipped out of its outer, leather folio for this, while the inner shell remains in place.

Mous Limitless: from £29.99, Mous

Mous uses a protection technology which includes tiny air pockets and something called cross-linking polymer chains. Whatever, the shock absorbing capabilities are fearsomely good and successfully protect the handset if you drop it. The box also contains a screen protector. You can pick from different materials on the back including shell; walnut and carbon fibre.

The case has a lip that protects the front of the phone if it falls that way. It fits very tightly indeed so it’s not the case if you need to slip it on and off all the time (if you keep your gym card in the back, for instance). All iPhone XR cases are currently on special offer, for either £29.99 or £39.99 depending on the model.

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Lucrin iPhone XR Wallet Case: from £94, Lucrin

The huge range from Lucrin are all cases of exceptional finish and build quality. The company has the widest range of colours, leathers and styles available. These vary from sleeves to pouches with pockets or a pull tab and the colours available run into the dozens. The wallet case has space for cards and banknotes, and though the leather is sumptuous, it’s still thin enough to make wireless charging possible. If the colours and finishes weren’t enough, you can also customise the cases further with your initials or contrasting threads. You even get the choice to remove the Lucrin logo if you wish.

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Peel Super Thin: £19, Peel

The name doesn’t begin to do justice to just how thin the Peel cases are – it’s like you’re using the phone with no case on it at all. Note that this case doesn’t stretch right round to the front, which adds to its imperceptibility but means you may want a screen protector, too. There’s a perfectly clear version which suits any colour of iPhone XR, or semi-transparent matte finish options including rose gold, black and silver which let the Apple logo shine through. Or you can plump for the glossy jet black and jet white versions which are particularly opulent and a solid matte black finish which is very discreet. They fit easily, feel good and look great.

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Nodus Access Case III: £49.99, Nodus

Nodus keeps its cases thinner and lighter by using a pad covered with millions of microscopic suction cups to hold the phone in place instead of clips or cradles. Attaching the phone just right can take a couple of goes but it then stays in place securely. As a result, it’s thinner than many folio cases. The leather is strong and sturdy but supple enough to feel comfortable and classy. Currently on special offer at £39.99 until 4 November, the case starts shipping on 29 October.

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Pipetto 2-in-1 Leather Magnetic Folio: £44.95, Pipetto

This is an exceptionally versatile case: a protective shell clips to the back of the iPhone, but when you want something different, it comes with a leather folio into which the shell pops. And it’s held there magnetically. The latest iPhones have wireless charging, of course, but, remarkably, that still works with the inner shell in place, you just take the inner shell out of the folio again. It even works with contactless payments as well, all at the same time. The folio has slots for credit cards and cash. Pipetto is a strikingly good brand, with good-value, sophisticated and well-made cases for iPhone and iPad.

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Snakehive Vintage Wallet: £24.95, Snakehive

Snakehive is a British company that makes high-end accessories including this neat folio case. It’s available in more than a dozen colours, including pastel shades and two-tone finishes. There’s room for three cards and notes in the wallet and a neat magnetic closure holds the iPhone securely – though note that it doesn’t turn the screen off when you close it. The leather is hard wearing, but soft to the touch with finishes including a suede-like feel. Pastel shades have a glossier, smoother finish. The cases are well-priced, and you can personalise them with two initials for an extra £5.

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Ted Baker Babylon Mirror Folio: £39.95, Proporta

Ted Baker’s wide range of cases include this bonnie case which protects your iPhone XR completely. It has gold-coloured edging and the floral pattern runs back and front. Inside, though, there’s an extra feature: an interior mirror to check how you’re looking. There are also usefully placed magnets which mean that when you’re on a call, the case stays securely in the open position with the front held back, instead of flapping around. Magnets also hold the cover closed, though this don’t turn the screen off. This is another very tight-fitting case, so you won’t want to take it on and off all the time. It usually sells for £45.

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Sena UltraSlim Leather Sleeve: £31, Sena

Sena makes some of the best-quality phone cases around, in a variety of styles and finishes. The UltraSlim sleeve lives up to its name and is highly tactile, with a soft, comfortable feel. The advantage of a sleeve, of course, is that you get to see and touch the phone itself when you slip it out and use it. Like the other models in Sena’s wide collection, this is well-crafted and elegant.

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Casetify Impact: £30, Casetify

Casetify has a very wide range of cases for iPhones, with various levels of protection from basic to ultimate and weights from very light to heavy. The Impact series have ultimate protection – drop tested from a height of two metres – and fit securely. Designs include a clear version but there are scores more from words to cartoons to flowers to... well, there’s a lot of them.  

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Proporta Flex Switch Grey Marl: £34.95, Proporta

The Flex fits to the back of the iPhone and has a shock-absorbing gel inside to keep the phone safe without bulking it up too much. The case is very light as well as strong so it feels solid without being heavy. It curves round the front of the phone enough to help protect the screen from impact, or from dirt if you place it face down. There’s also a clever kickstand which folds out of the top of the case so you can easily watch video on the phone, say. Proporta makes a wide range of cases for many models of phone. This one is currently on special offer at £29.95.

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The Verdict: Best iPhone XR cases

Once you’ve decided whether you want a wrap-around folio, slip-on and slip-off sleeve or simple back protector, there are plenty of choices. For ultimate protection, Mous is very hard to beat and for elegance in beautifully made cases, Lucrin and Pipetto are the brands to look for. The super-thin Peel case is highly attractive and feels great on the iPhone.

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