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8 best electric toothbrushes

Keep those pearly whites sparkling with our pick of the best brushes on the market

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Good dental hygiene isn’t just good for your health and your smile, it can save a fortune in dentist bills. While most of us know that an electric toothbrush can help us stay dental fit, with such a wide range of choices at so many different price points, it’s hard to know where to start.

Unfortunately it’s not just a case of switching to electric; if you want to improve your dental hygiene then it’s important to get the right brush for you. Many electric toothbrushes offer different settings, apps and timers to tell you when you have been brushing for long enough – two minutes is longer than you think!

From the high-end investment brush to ones perfect for travel or children, here’s the lowdown on the best electric brushes on the market.

Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean: £359.99, Amazon

If James Bond had an electric toothbrush it would probably look a lot like this. This is a serious bit of equipment that comes with multiple brushing and cleaning modes and has some awesome smart features. You can personalise your teeth goals (whiter etc) and then track your progress through the Sonicare app, meaning you can get your teeth fit at your own pace. It also comes with a USB travel case for when you are away. Speaking of which, there’s no getting away from it, one of these will cost you the price of a holiday. It’s expensive, but if you are into tech then it’s a good investment.

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Oral-B Genius 9000: £150, Amazon

As electric toothbrushes go this is less of a brush and more of a tool kit. It comes with four brush heads, has six brushing modes (including PRO clean, whitening, gum care and sensitive) and even has a holder for your smartphone too. The app has a function called Position Detection that uses facial recognition to guide your brushing times and positions. It’s a pretty cool idea, but the app is a bit temperamental. Still, it makes brushing your teeth a lot more interesting. It also lets you know when you are brushing your teeth too hard and adjusts the pressure. Gums, rejoice!

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Colgate ProClinical 250+: £49.99, Amazon

It’s nowhere near as tech-forward as the Genius; then again, it’s a fraction of the price. The Colgate ProClinical 250+ is pretty straightforward and super-easy to use. It did a pretty good job too: teeth definitely felt cleaner than using a non-electric brush and while it can’t offer the features some of the more expensive brushes boast, it’s easy to take away with you as there are fewer accessories to faff around with. Great choice for popping your electric toothbrush carry.

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Go Travel Sonic Traveller: £11.99, Amazon

This is the cheapest brush tested and straightaway it is obviously not competition for the big boys. But it’s a good little brush; dinky, so easy to stuff in a handbag or even a pocket, plus it did a nice job of freshening up the mouth and was effective at tackling the tongue too. It’s either a cheap home electric toothbrush or a fancy travel option that, for the money, works for both. Perfect for a post-work refresher if you’ve got a date – it’s discreet size means you will sneak it past the office gossip too!

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Quip: £50, Quip

This is one sexy-looking toothbrush that’s beautifully designed and comes in grown-up, non-gender specific colours (be gone pink and blue!). It comes with its own toothpaste and a quirky manual showing you how to brush your teeth and the option to sign up to a subscription service for replacement heads and paste. The brush itself stood up to others in its price bracket, although it could have done with a bit more welly in the harder to reach areas and for the tongue. The only real let down was the toothpaste, which failed to give that post-brush minty finish. All in all it’s a looker that gets the job done nicely too.

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Sonic Chic URBAN travel brush: £20, Boots

This is a super-funky travel or handbag option with a variety of cool designs from Ziggy to Loud Leopard. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and that’s fine as long as you don’t either. It’s quite soft so it doesn’t feel like it has quite the effect of others, although dentists might argue that this is actually better for your teeth. While it’s a great little travel brush, it’s actually quite expensive if bought solely for that purpose. It’s a nice design, but that’s all it has over the Go Travel, which is close to half the price. That said, it’s the prettiest little travel brush around.

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Foreo Issa 2: £149, John Lewis

The Scandis have an eye for chic, minimalist design and this is another innovative example. Its bulbous shape looks like it’s going to feel uncomfortable, but it actually feels really snug and gives more control over the head. It’s practical too, the heads only need changing once a year, which is much better than most other models and will save money year-on-year. It has softer outer brushes which will protect sensitive gums, while the inner bristles are still tough on plaque. It’s quite pricey, but with the longer-lasting heads it becomes a really good value, gorgeous brush.

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Philips HX6311/17 Sonicare for Kids: £39.99, Argos

The best way to look after teeth is to start young, this is one for the little ’uns who like playing with apps – kids can also brush adorable wide-eyed purple critter Sparkly’s teeth as they brush their own. It also comes with a handy timer to encourage children to brush for longer, plus extra pulsations per minute to make up for lack of technique. With a choice of designs and the help of a fluffy monster, this is a great way to start good dental hygiene habits early.

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Verdict: Best electric toothbrushes 

Being stylish and great to use, the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean is an outright winner. For a little less cash, the Foreo Issa 2 is even snazzier and super slick looking.

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