Whether you’re looking to cut down your meat intake, want to ensure you eat your five a day or simply need some inspiration using plant-based ingredients, we’ve rounded up the best recipe boxes that cater for vegetarian and vegan lifestyles specifically.

Recipe kits are great if you’re short on time as they cut out the faff of shopping and dreaming up recipes.

Boxes are delivered to your door (or through your letterbox) with everything measured out for you, eliminating waste and speeding up the cooking time in the process.

While trialling these boxes, we tried dishes and cuisines that would never normally have made it into our weekly recipe repertoire, but thanks to the recipe cards, we’ll be making many of them again.

Most recipe kits can be tailored to your preferences with delivery frequency, number of dishes and how many people you’re catering for, all up for tweaking.

Some can also be purchased as a one-off box – ideal if you want to try without committing.

While putting these boxes to the test we were looking for fresh tasty produce, how easy the recipes were to follow, the time it took to make, calories and nutrients and of course, the final taste once on the plate.

You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers , but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing and expert advice. This revenue helps to fund journalism across The Independent.

Gousto vegetarian recipe box: From £24.99 (2 recipes for 2 people), Gousto

We put four Gousto recipes to the test, each of which comes with a handy step by step photo guide (so we could be sure we were getting everything exactly right). The 10 minute recipes (fried corn, avocado and feta burrito bowl being one) were a lifesaver when we were working late. We managed to get them prepped and to the table in the time it would have taken to order a takeaway. You choose the recipes for the week ahead and there will always be a minimum of 8 vegetarian and plant-based recipes available.

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Riverford vegetarian recipe box: From £11.20 (for a vegan box for two people), Riverford

Although we’d always recommend washing all fruit and veg thoroughly before consuming, the Riverford box contained the muddiest selection, with ingredients picked fresh from the organic farm. Each box comes with a note from the farmer, letting you know what’s in season and how the crops are coming along. We tried three recipes, two of which were suitable for vegans. There’s three recipes categories - ‘foodie’ for the more adventurous (we’re looking at you carrot top pesto), a ‘light’ option which is easy on the calories (our sweet pepper & white bean chilli clocked in at 550 calories) and ‘simple’ which was the easiest to follow of the lot. The healthy recipes took from half an hour up to 50 minutes to create but we did notice that the green Thai sweet potato and spinach curry contained an eye-watering 952 calories per portion.

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Abel & Cole vegetarian recipe box: From £12 (one meal for two people), Abel & Cole

We found the Abel & Cole box had the most variety between meals with us trying a griddled asparagus hummus wrap one day and a Japanese sweet & spicy curry the next, the latter containing an impressive four portions of fruit & veg. All of the ingredients provided are completely organic and sourced from local producers and you’ll get a choice of at least three veggie friendly recipes each week.

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Mindful Chef vegetarian recipe box: From £20 (2 recipes for 2 people), Mindful Chef

There’s a choice of 12 new recipes each week and four of which are suitable for a plant-based diet. The Caribbean-style mango & red pepper curry filled the house with the most delicious aroma but the portion was slightly on the small side and quite high in calories thanks to the coconut milk. Mediterranean artichoke & citrus lentils fared better, taking just 20 minutes to rustle up. You won’t find any refined carbohydrates in a Mindful Chef box and all recipes are gluten free as standard.

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Simply Cook vegetarian recipe box: £9.99, Simply Cook

The Simply Cook kit fits through the letterbox and contains pots of herbs and spices to make four easy recipes. You’ll need to add the fresh ingredients but each recipe card comes with an easy tear off shopping list and you won’t need to add more than five easy to find, inexpensive items to create each dish. The benefit of this is the pots last a long time (ours had a best before date of an entire year) so no more turning down last minute social gatherings because you’ve got food at home that needs eating. The wild mushroom penne went down a treat in our house, with enough for pack lunch the next day.

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allplants chef’s discovery vegetarian recipe box: £59.88 (six meals for two people), allplants

Unlike the traditional recipe boxes, an allplants delivery involves zero prep. That’s because all of the vegan recipes are homemade and frozen so all you need to do is pop them in the freezer until you’re ready to heat. Our favourite was the Cashew Mac – a plant driven take on the comfort food classic, it contains healthy whole grain macaroni with a creamy cashew sauce, smoky mushrooms, tomatoes and roasted kale. Packaging is beautifully designed and all recyclable.

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Pasta Evangelist vegetarian pasta club recipe box: From £13.90 (for two recipes for one person), Pasta Evangelist

Another letterbox delivery that will stay chilled until you’re home. Pasta Evangelist offer a vegetarian specific subscription which includes two authentic Italian recipes each week. We sampled black truffle and pecorino triangoli with toasted hazelnuts and gnocchi filled with tomato and mozzarella. It was genuinely some of the best pasta we’ve ever eaten - we wouldn’t have been disappointed if we’d been served this in a restaurant. Very simple and easy to follow instructions and super speedy to create. If you have guests, you’re able to add extra portions to your subscription, and they also offer a one off box if you don’t want to subscribe.

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Batch Organics smoothies: From £19.95 (for six smoothies), Batch Organics

Batch Organics want to get your morning off to a flying start with these frozen cups of smoothie ingredients. We’re not what you’d call a "morning person", but even we could manage sticking this in a blender along with liquid (we liked almond milk but water works just as well) and ta-daaaa, you’re good to go. As the name suggests, ingredients are organic and combos are dreamt up by a nutritionist to ensure they are perfectly balanced. It’s a super start to the day and means you’re far more likely to stick to your smoothie habit than if you needed to buy fresh fruit.

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The verdict: Vegetarian subscription boxes

With a good selection of both veggie and vegan recipes, easy to follow instructions and super fresh produce, we’ve awarded the Indy Best Buy to Gousto. The 10 minute recipes were really useful when we were working late (which, let’s face it, happens more often than we’d like) and the variety of vegetarian and vegan meals kept our taste buds interested all week.

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