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12 best vegan subscription boxes

Get your fix of goodies free from any animal products delivered direct to your home

From beauty buys to food boxes, we've got vegans covered ( Natural Wellness )

With more of us converting to veganism than ever before (almost 170,000 people took part in Veganuary in January 2018), the demand for vegan food and lifestyle products is stronger than ever.

It’s heartening to discover that there are lots of ways to make a vegan lifestyle just that little bit easier and subscription boxes are an excellent way to discover just how easy veganism can be.

Offering everything from vegan beauty, vegan snacks, vegan recipes and even vegan cleaning products, these vegan parcels are a hassle-free way to make a plant-based and animal-friendly lifestyle easier than ever. 

We tested out the latest vegan subscription boxes on the market to see how they fared, considering the variety of products, packaging, value for money and how they benefit a vegan lifestyle. Here’s 12 of the best.

The Deluxe Vegan Larder Monthly Subscription Box: £24.99, Vegan Larder

Set up by two vegan foodies, Vegan Larder is both a hub of recipes and a shop offering a range of vegan gift and subscription boxes (which also comes as a gluten-free option). We opted to try their deluxe monthly subscription box and, whilst the packaging itself was no-frills, inside was a fantastic mix of vegan and palm oil free products from both independent and ethical companies.

Whilst there’s a few snack boxes on the market, we loved that this box contained a variety of vegan foods, such as drinks (a raw hot chocolate), snacks (such as kale crisps and sliced mango) and cooking essentials (a seaweed cooking rub, organic vegetable stock, amino seasoning and a chunky tapenade). The box offers amazing variety and the chance to discover new brands which might not yet be on your radar – the perfect introduction to all things vegan.

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Natural Wellness Box: From £25, Natural Wellness Box

Veganism extends far beyond the food on our plate, with animal products found in everything from supplements to beauty products. The Natural Wellness Box offers a solution to this with a beautiful mix of natural, vegan and cruelty-free beauty, health and wellness products. At £35, the box tends to feature more upmarket items, with two standout items being Potion London probiotic (useful, as many probiotics aren’t vegan-friendly and this one is worth £30 alone) and a pot of Villiers floral facial steam (worth £16).

It also contained face oil, an organic travel candle, pukka herbal tea and a superfood energy bar; making it incredible value for money. Whilst the focus is on cruelty-free and green beauty, any vegan would be thrilled to receive this mix of upmarket pampering and wellness goodies.

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Large Vegan Subscription Box: £20, Vegan Sweet Boxes

Always trying to satisfy your sweet cravings? This new Hull-based company Vegan Sweet Boxes has you covered. Their large vegan subscription box is everything you and your sweet tooth could possibly want; with a mixture of chocolate (such as Bourneville), healthier options (coconut bites) and retro sweets (Love Hearts, Rainbow Drops and Parma Violets). Whilst there’s no denying the potential of tooth decay with this box, we couldn’t help but be impressed with just how much variety there was. If you are not quite up for the challenge, they also offer a small vegan subscription box, at a very reasonable £12. 

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SourcedBox: From £18.95, SourcedBox​

If you can’t stop snacking, then SourcedBox offers the perfect solution. It’s one of the few boxes on our list that focuses solely on healthy, vegan snacks that contain no refined sugar, artificial preservatives or additives, delivered direct to your door. Boxes can be purchased as a one-off or through a variety of subscription options. We received November’s box and enjoyed the variety of snacks on offer to cater to both sweet and savoury palates. Our box included delights such a natural energy drink, herbal tea, raw energy bars, vegetable crisps and vegan macaroons - all from small health-conscious brands.

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Lifestyle Box: From £8, Vegan Kind

The first of two boxes from online supermarket The Vegan Kind, the Lifestyle Box is a fantastic budget option, with prices starting from £8 a box with annual subscriptions or £13.35 for one-off boxes). Inside our brightly coloured box was a cookbook (the usual value of which was £15 alone), a vegan toothbrush, recipe cards and a mix of healthy snacks, such as vegetable crisps, chocolate quinoa snacks and melt-in-your-mouth raw peanut butter cups. This is a great introduction to all things vegan and, what’s more, a proportion of the box’s proceeds goes to a different charity each month.

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All Plants: From £40.50, All Plants

Want to eat a varied vegan diet but can’t stand cooking? This is where All Plants comes in with their plant-based dishes which are prepared by chefs, frozen and then delivered to your door, in 100 per cent recyclable packaging. Dishes are both vibrant and inventive, with highlights including Cashew Mac, Golden Sesame Satay, BBQ Burrito Bowl and Paella Roja. They’re nutritionally balanced too, and proof alone that a vegan diet doesn’t have to be boring, with dishes carefully planned to ensure they meet the needs of a plant-based diet, with foodstuffs being high in iron, protein and calcium. 

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The Vegan Goodness Box: From £8.50, The Goodness Project

The Vegan Goodness Box is a carefully curated bundle of vegan and cruelty-free products at a great price. We loved the new brands this box introduced us to: from Ananda’s Vegan Waggon Wheel (if you buy one vegan snack, let this be it!), to Ten Acre crisps and Raw Halo’s vegan chocolate. The three different sizes of subscription (letter-box friendly, mini goodness and maxi goodness) mean you can pick the exact snacking option that works for you, plus one per cent of the company’s net profits go to charity.

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Save the Planet Box: £22.99, SuliBox​

Whilst some people transition to veganism for health reasons, others turn to it to do their part in living a more sustainable life. Although there’s now plenty of boxes to satisfy your vegan food cravings, it can still be difficult to source eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle products. That’s where the SuliBox comes in. Available in three sizes (Eco-box at £13.99, Extra Eco-Box at £16.99 and Save the Planet Box at £22.99), the SuliBox is a mixture of sustainable living products, including cleaning and lifestyle products.

We received a non-plastic, recycled dish scrubber, an eco-friendly travel mug, all natural chewing gum, a gingerbread soap, handmade chocolates and a reusable shopping bag. With items that we’d never think to check were vegan – chewing gum can contain gelatine, for example – the box not only challenges you to think more about the planet but provides a range of products to get you started.

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Vegan Taster Box Subscription: £18, The Protein Ball Company

Getting a protein hit on a vegan diet can present some challenges, so we love this vegan taster box subscription from UK husband and wife team The Protein Ball Company. The taster box subscription contains 12 packets of their vegan protein snacks in a mixture of different flavours: Lemon + Pistachio, Goji + Coconut, Peanut Butter + Jam and Raspberry Brownie and offers 7g of protein per pack.

Whilst being a one-brand box offers less variety than others on our list, the fact that the product is gluten-free, high in fibre and natural (the protein comes from brown rice and pea), it makes a great option for stocking up on healthy snacks and is perfect for gym goers.

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Beauty Box: From £12.75, Vegan Kind

We’ve already featured one box from Vegan Kind, but were so impressed that we couldn’t help but include a second. As well as offering a lifestyle box, Vegan Kind also offer a bi-monthly beauty box that costs as little as £12.75 on an annual plan. The box, which offered approximately £80 worth of products, contained a lovely mix of all aspects of vegan beauty, including an avocado sheet mask, hair serum, false eyelashes, face oil, eyeshadow and eyeliner, included items from smaller brands as well as established beauty favourites, such as haircare brand Umberto Giannini. A must-buy for beauty lovers.

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Optimal Health Box: £40.50, Vegan Apron

There are a few options for vegan recipe boxes but none are so quintessentially vegan as Vegan Apron, which boasts 100 per cent compostable, biodegradable and recyclable packaging (using denim as an insulator instead of wool), largely organic ingredients straight from local farms and a plethora of innovative vegan recipes (with gluten-free also an option). The Optimal Health box is centred around plant-based whole foods without oil, which is thought to be beneficial for heart health.

It came crammed with brown paper bags containing everything we needed to make a comforting bowl of ‘Neeps and Taties Soup’; hearty Shepherdless Pie and Maple Walnut Hassleback Butternuts. If you’re up for a challenge and keen to learn new, vegan recipes, then give Vegan Apron a try.

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Vegan Subscription: From £10, Chocolateeha

Trying to find decent vegan chocolate can be a bit of a minefield. Whilst many alternatives often contain palm oil or are packed with refined sugar, Chocolateeha is the exception. Made from scratch, their vegan chocolate, which comes in decadent flavours such as Orange and Cardamom, Coconut Raspberry and Cinnamon Coffee, contains 50 per cent minimum cocoa solids and all natural, organic ingredients.

Their subscription options (which also allow you to select your own flavours) can be delivered weekly, monthly or every few months.  For those who want to be even healthier, why not opt for their raw vegan subscription box, which contains a higher proportion of cocoa solids (72 per cent)and organic maca powder.

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The Verdict: Vegan subscription boxes

Our top pick is Vegan Larder – a great box which is perfect for those seeking vegan cooking inspiration. For beauty lovers, the Vegan Kind is a great way to discover new brands whilst Suli Box shows us that a vegan lifestyle goes far beyond the food on your plate.

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