A fail-safe gift for the hardest to please, a beautifully presented box of chocolates never fails to impress. We’ve focused on the most luxurious boxes around, for when only the crème de la crème will do.

When testing our chocolate boxes we were looking for exciting flavours that tasted as great as they looked. Presentation was key – not only should the box be visually stunning but the individual chocolates needed to be finished to the highest standard, created with the freshest, highest quality, natural ingredients.

When selecting your box, do consider whether the recipient prefers – milk or dark chocolate or perhaps a selection? Is it truffles that tickle their fancy or do they go gaga for ganaches?

We’ve rounded up a variety of options, starting from £15.95, all the way up to a “must have been very well behaved” three figures.

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Chococo cascade of 50 fresh chocolates: £46.50, Chococo

Consistently excellent, this Dorset based chocolatier works tirelessly to bring out new seasonal flavours, many of which have won industry awards. Chocolates are handmade and each box includes a lovely selection of milk, white and dark chocolates with both soft and hard centres. Finished with various colourful prints and patterns, highlights include the “blackcurrant beauty” with British cassis in a dark chocolate ganache casing and the Dorset sea salt caramel.

Each flavour really tastes like the description and is never overly sweet or synthetic. We love this cascade of three boxes, stacked and tied with a silky ribbon. Not only does this look luxuriously theatrical, but you’ll also be making a 10 per cent saving when buying the set. One thing to note is that because the chocolates are so super fresh (they contain fresh Dorset cream) they only have a two-week shelf life, so might not be appropriate for gifting if you’re buying in advance.

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Booja Booja dairy free champagne chocolate truffles artist's collection, 185g: £21, Ocado

Not only are these vegan chocolates organic, dairy, gluten and soya free but they’ve won no less than 21 awards, including a Great Taste Award 2019. Utterly decadent, each little piece of chocolate truffle is lightly dusted on the outside and once on the tongue, completely melts. Made with cocoa beans sourced from the Dominican Republic, they contain champagne but the flavour isn’t overpowering. Unlike the rest of our roundup, these chocolates are all the same flavour, but we’re not complaining. The “artist's collection” is so-called because the beautiful gift box has been hand-painted by artists in Kashmir, India, using traditional art forms.

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Rococo small union Jack chocolate truffles box, 110g: £20.95, Rococo

From the very first bite, we could tell these tasty chocolates were handmade. On closer inspection, we discovered they’d been crafted from Valrhona chocolate in London. A box of 12 British ganaches, favourite flavours include milk chocolate lemon praline and dark chocolate earl grey but they all had a superb flavour, tasting exactly as they were advertised. A superb treat for those overseas, the dainty box features the British flag and is tied with a silky bow.

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Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse discovery box, 760g: £100.58, Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse

This chocolatier is part of the Alain Ducasse empire, a chef with three Michelin stars under his belt and a penchant for confectionary. Extremely high-end, this supersized box contains 90 pieces of heavenly chocolate, with 25 flavours to discover. The majority have a dark chocolate base, but there are also milk chocolate ganaches that melt in your mouth instantly.

Some simply showcase the chocolate itself, sourced from Madagascar, Venezuela, Trinidad and Peru among other exotic locations known for their quality cocoa beans, while others are flavoured with fruit and nuts. Undoubtedly the best chocolate we’ve ever tasted, if you can afford it. This is the one to splurge on.

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Fortnum’s chocolate pralines and ganache selection box, 120g: £15.95, Fortum & Mason

This dainty little box of goodies is exquisitely presented in a vibrant turquoise and yellow box with flashes of gold foil and inside, a golden bee seals the contents. A selection of both milk and dark pralines and ganache’s, flavours are a little more exciting than your standard box. From yuzu and chilli to maple and smoked salt, each one was rich and decadent and best eaten slowly to completely savour. There are just 12 squares inside, all of which are a different flavour – so we’d advise keeping them all to yourself to ensure you try the lot, however, larger boxes are available.

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Harvey Nichols luxury chocolate selection box, 320g: £19.95, Harvey Nichols

Presented in the department store’s signature chic monochrome packaging, each box contains 24 alcohol-free chocolates each in their own paper case. There are 12 flavours to try – including honeycomb diamond, coffee fudge and the fruity raspberry fondant – so if you’re sharing between two you’ll get to try every flavour. The illustrated contents card inside felt like a nice personal touch but we did find the chocolates themselves a little on the sweet side.

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Waitrose no.1 the Swiss chocolatiers edition, 292g: £20, Waitrose

A selection of milk, dark and white Swiss chocolates, on first impressions, we couldn’t believe this had come from a supermarket. Perhaps it’s not so surprising as it has  entrusted a family chocolatier in Switzerland who’ve been making their tasty treats since 1931. Presented in a very giftable large round case, contents include chocolates spiked with hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts through to fruity orange and cherries all in various shapes and sizes.

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Prestat the jewel box, 640g: £63.50, Prestat

Awarded a royal warrant by the Queen, it’s said that children’s author Roald Dahl was also a Prestat fan (the inspiration for his much-loved Charlie & The Chocolate Factory perhaps?). It’s a weighty box which gives you some indication of what’s inside, containing milk, dark and white chocolates, truffles, pralines and fudge. The box is inspired by London’s west end, channelling a theatrical, flamboyant theme with highlights including white banoffee truffle, dark rose creme and the memorable milk saffron and ginger fudge. A generous gift, designed to be shared with your nearest and dearest.

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Hotel Chocolat the large chocolatier's table, 1.5kg: £100, Hotel Chocolat

If variety is the spice of life, this huge selection of Hotel Chocolat’s best bits is bound to delight. With everything from chocolate covered nuts and pretzels, large decorated slabs, a rainbow of batons from caramel through to 70 per cent dark, as well as truffles and pralines, no stone has been left unturned. Flavours range from the dessert-inspired tiramisu and fudge sundae through to boozy mojito, champagne and gin, so you’ll surely find something to take your fancy.

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Godiva gold chocolate box, 290g: £32, John Lewis & Partners

Making chocolate for 80 years, Godiva is a trusted name in the world of confectionery. This gold box is a classic for the brand and a great representation of what it’s all about. There are 24 pieces and seven flavours, including the white chocolate ganache “lady noir” which is decorated with the iconic Lady Godiva, flavoured with Madagascan vanilla and covered in a dark chocolate shell. Every piece has a different shape and design, our favourite, however, was the heart-shaped “coeur lait” – a milk chocolate hazelnut praline.

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Selfridges selection chocolate selection box of 18, 230g: £18.99, Selfridges

Having relaunched its new confectionary hall this autumn, Selfridges is now home to the very best names in sweets and chocolates. It has entrusted London-based Marasu, who also make for Prestat, Fortnum & Mason and Pret a Manger to make its own-brand chocolate. With nine flavours, the selection includes vanilla coconut, white fudge and milk chocolate honeycomb among others – all of which are free from alcohol.

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The verdict: Luxury chocolate boxes

A unanimous favourite with our testers, the cascade from Chococo offers excellent value for money and we never tire of seeing what new flavour it’ll come up with. If money is no object, you can’t fail to impress with the foodie favourite Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse discovery box, however if you don’t mind a daintier selection, Rococo was also very impressive.

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