Lots of people are cutting their alcohol consumption, for dry January, sober October or simply by becoming “sober-curious” (those questioning their relationship with alcohol) as Britain moves away from a booze-based social culture.

And with that change, more and more brewers are rising to the challenge of creating alcohol-free beers that taste authentically, well, beery – Greene King’s Old Speckled Hen and Peroni’s Libera are two of the newest brews (unavailable for testing for this feature) and alcohol-free sales are on the up.

“Alcohol-free” or “low-alcohol” beer labelling is complicated. A recent UK review defines it as under 0.05% alcohol by volume (ABV), while in the rest of Europe it’s 0.5% ABV.

For this taste test, we’ve set the bar at 0.5% or lower. (Some fruit and juices can be 0.5%!) To hit the mark, brewers can prevent alcohol forming during brewing, or remove it afterwards by heat or filtration.

Our testers’ taste is varied, and so our favourites reflect a range of styles, assessed on aroma, taste and “near-beerness”.

And the beauty of alcohol-free beers, as our testers happily realised, is that you can swallow after you sip, and still read your tasting notes.

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Thornbridge Big Easy, 0.5%, £16 for 12 x 330ml, Thornbridge

Launched last summer, this pale ale hails from the Peak District, and is the brewery’s first alcohol-free option. A golden glassful with a decent head, it gives off citrussy, melony, peachy scents, thanks to its American Amarillo and Cascade hops. On the palate, it feels authentically alcoholic and tastes dry and refreshing with a long-lasting, bitter-edged finish.

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Big Drop Citra 4 Hop Special Edition Pale Ale, 0.5%, £11.35 for 6 x 330ml, Dry Drinker

Citra hops are known for conferring a citrussy, floral aroma, and lime is also listed in the ingredients, so hints of zesty lemon and elderflower here aren’t unexpected. As you’d expect from a brewery dedicated to making brews of 0.5% and under, it’s full-bodied with a very dry finish, this pale bears comparison with its boozy cousins, and one which we see as a real session ale.

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BrewDog Raspberry Blitz, 0.5%, £1.85 for 1 x 330ml, BrewDog

Some sour ales can be as mouth-puckering as sucking on a lemon, but this is tongue-tinglingly tart, with a crisp fresh raspberry taste. Inspired by the brand’s Berliner Weisse, which uses the swift kettle-sour technique, it’s light, juicy and refreshing. Fans of fruit beer would find this easy to swallow.

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Adnams Ghost Ship, 0.5%, £1 for 500ml bottle, Tesco (until 21/1/19, then £1.30)

This was so close to the 4.5% version that one of our testers had to check which was in the glass! As you drink this rich golden pale that’s fragrantly hoppy with a citrus tang, the foamy froth clings to the glass – this residue is known as ‘lacing’ – in a convincing fashion. Brewed in the usual way, the alcohol is then removed by reverse osmosis, as Fergus Fitzgerald, head brewer at Adnams, explains: ‘This removes most of the alcohol via a permeable membrane under pressure and a low temperature. It’s all very high tech magic.’

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Mikkeller Racing Beer, 0.3%, £2.59 for 1 x 330ml, Wise Bartender

That’s not just a cute logo; Danish brewery Mikkeller runs a worldwide running club where participants rehydrate with a free beer. Racing Beer claims to be “hypotonic” – without getting too technical, that’s a fluid with a lower concentration than blood, the best way to replace fluid lost in sweat. Pale straw in colour, this well-balanced beer has a good head with tangy, tropical notes of passionfruit and pineapple. Mouthwateringly delicious – and well worth running a little bit further for.

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St Peter’s Without Gold, 0.0%, £1.27 for 1 x 500ml, Morrisons

It may have “without” in its name – echoing the church-naming convention for a site outside, for example, city walls – but this beer lacks nothing. Presented in the brewery’s distinctive oval flask-shaped bottle, its bouquet is subtly spicy and toasty. Full-bodied, this clear, refreshing beer has notes of honey and malt, with a citrus-toned dry finish.

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Big Drop Winter Ale, 0.5%, £9.79 for 6 x 330ml, Wise Bartender

Formerly known as Spiced Ale, this is a real winter warmer of a brew, perfect for sipping by the fire. Deep and dark in the glass, there’s a robust creamy head and a spicy mulled-wine bouquet, followed by elements of coffee, chocolate, and vanilla maltiness plus an evasive touch of what we finally nailed as smoky Coca-Cola.

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Nirvana Kosmic Stout, 0.0%, £2.29 for 1 x 330ml, Eebria

Smells like… Ovaltine, and tastes a little like it too, with hints of malted chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon, in a dark, rich, smooth stout that’s milkily comforting. And it’s vegan and gluten-free. The brewery is London’s first to specialise in alcohol-free beers, creating hand-crafted beers in small batches and setting out to enlighten us – their other beers are called Karma, Sutra and Mantra.

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Harvey’s Low Alcohol Old Ale, 0.5%, £27.12 for 24 x 275ml, Harvey's

A viable version of the full-strength classic, which won the Sussex brewery its first award in 1952; this iteration took silver at the International Beer Challenge 2018. It’s a chestnutty brown ale with a touch of toffee-apple and a whiff of roasted, toasted smoke that leaves a satisfying lingering aftertaste. It’s produced identically to its parent product (with the alcohol removed prior to bottling).

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FitBeer Lager, 0.3%, £4.99 for 2 x 330ml, FitBeer

Brewed according to German beer purity laws, with ingredients sourced within 20km of its 500-year-old Bavarian brewery, it’s a light golden lager that’s smoothly drinkable, with a full toasty and wheaty flavour. Possibly the perfect post-workout drink, as it’s isotonic, high in vitamin B12 and folic acid, and weighing in at only 66 calories per bottle.

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The verdict: Alcohol-free beers

Thornbridge Big Easy will satisfy those who like a lighter-style brew. Dark beer devotees should try Big Drop Winter Ale.

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