Palette knives to cakes are the equivalent of pens to paper in the baking world.

The more you work with one, the more precise your creations become. For those who have never handled a palette knife before, it may take some time getting used to.

However, for experienced bakers and cake decorators, these utensils become an extension of their own arm. Whether is spreading batter, levelling a cake or painting on buttercream, a trusty palette knife is a must-have in the kitchen. 

Small Tala angled palette knife: £2.99, Amazon

Smaller palette knives are easier to control, which is an important factor when it comes to baking. Tala’s angled palette knife is a perfect size and shape to decorate cupcakes, smooth out cake batter in tins and perfect sharp edges on larger cakes. The comfortable non-slip handle ensures you work with ease and precision. This nifty palette knife is also ideal for releasing stubborn cakes out of their baking tins without ruining the sponge itself.

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Joseph Joseph twistblade: £10, Joseph Joseph

Known for their ingenious designs, Joseph Joseph’s 2-in-1 palette knife combines two types of blade: A flat blade, for spreading out fillings onto cakes and tarts, and an angled blade, used for levelling and smoothing buttercream or icing. The rotating handle also acts as a tool rest that maintains a clean work surface, so how can you resist?

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Tala 8.5” angled palette knife: £6.72, Surbiton Sugarcraft

This palette knife is ideal for spreading batters or buttercreams evenly over a large surface area. The shape of the blade allows you to work cleanly without getting the handle (or your hand) in the way. The addition of measurements imprinted on the blade means you can measure your pastries or icing decorations as you work. 

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Kitchenaid dual icing spatula: £17, Amazon

Thanks to KitchenAid’s clever design, their palette knife serves two purposes. The smooth side of the blade acts like a regular palette knife spreading jams, icings and buttercreams. Additionally, the serrated edge of the blade is perfect for cutting cake layers. This edge isn’t sharp which means that not only is it safe to use, but the angled shape of the blade allows you to cut through a cake evenly. Investing in this 2-in-1 palette knife means less clutter in the kitchen too.

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Victorinox offset spatula: £14.25, Russums

Lifting freshly baked biscuits off a tray is never an easy task, but with the help of Victorinox’s offset palette knife, you can remove them with ease avoiding any catastrophes. This knife serves the same purpose as any other – a reliable non-slip handle and a smooth, sturdy angled blade. However, the added width of the blade will assist you that little bit further. It’s ideal for flipping pancakes too.

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Cake Star point palette knife: £4.35, Sugar And Crumbs

Cake decorators are constantly trying out new techniques and one that is proving extremely popular is “painted” buttercream. Though one would think you need a paintbrush to achieve this effect, a pointed palette knife is all that it requires. The idea is to apply small amounts of buttercream at a time to gradually build up layers and textures. The pointed tip of the palette knife adds in those small details which you wouldn’t be able to achieve otherwise. 

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Wüsthof pastry spatula: £36.16, Wellindal

If you’re a serious baker, then you need a serious palette knife. With a sturdy 25cm blade, you’ll be able to spread vast amounts of mixtures and ingredients thinly and evenly. For example, genoise sponge for roulades or melted chocolate for pastry decorations. The high quality steel blade is long-lasting and is also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.   

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ProCook nylon palette knife: £7, ProCook

The benefit of nylon utensils is that they’re much safer to use, especially for children. The light weight material means that the palette knife applies a more gentle touch, which is ideal for spreading softer fillings such as whipped cream or mousse. The stainless steel handle reinforces the knife’s durability and has the clever addition of a little hoop at the tip that helps with storage. 

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The verdict: Palette knives

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to the size and shape of a palette knife. Some people prefer larger blades as they cover more surface area. Therefore, the 8.5” Tala angled palette knife would be an excellent choice, especially with the added detail of measurements on the blade. For those who can’t make up their mind between angled or flat blades, then the Joseph Joseph twistblade would save the trouble in choosing. Overall, for precision and perfection, the small Tala angled palette knife is the answer to your baking and cake decorating needs.

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