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10 best night oils for mature skin

We found the overnight products that really work to smooth out wrinkles, increase hydration and repair damaged skin

Our body clock encourages repair and regeneration during the night, with the skin programmed to produce new cells and repair damage while we sleep. You can enhance this natural process quite simply by getting into a routine of warming a few drops of delicious-smelling oil between your palms and massaging it into your face. Give it a try – it can become a very comforting bedtime ritual. 

This is a good time of year to embark on a new skincare regime. With your complexion suffering a buffeting from the wintry weather and the drying effects of central heating, taking up with a comforting, moisturizing night oil seems an entirely logical step.

The latest night time oils have some fabulous ingredients, and can be pricey, but with recommended usage at the rate of three or four drops a night they last for ages and you may well agree that the results justify the outlay.

The ones we've chosen are particularly good for a mature skin. Designed to work on wrinkles and fine lines, increase hydration, repair the skin and prevent further ageing, they really addressed the concerns of a testing panel aged from early fifties to late sixties, and our selected products were all found to be highly effective.

Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate for Night, 50ml: £60, Liz Earle

This contains organic rosehip oil, argan oil and neroli oil, with a really soothing lavender scent. It is recommended that you warm a small amount of the concentrate between your palms and just breathe it in before massaging onto your skin with upward and outward movements, finishing by massaging some into your neck and décolletage. Our tester found that it was a great way to relax and prepare for sleep, and her skin felt plumper from the get-go.

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Pure Super Hydrate Overnight Oil, 28ml: £15, Marks & Spencer

This oil soaks in remarkably quickly, and has a softening effect that is almost instantaneous. Perhaps it is the sloes, hand-foraged in the English and Welsh countryside and which make up a leading component in the ingredients, 95 per cent of which are derived from nature. Whatever the cause, the lightweight consistency belies the fact that this is a very rich and hydrating oil. You can use it under a moisturiser at night, but our tester found that it did the trick on its own.

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Votary Intense Night Oil with Rosehip and Retinoid, 50ml: £135, Liberty

Arabella Preston, co-founder of Votary, the cult brand well known for using luxurious natural plant oils, says that the Night Oil is her favourite from the range, and it is easy to see why. Avocado oil, tomato seed oil and rosehip oil, all blended with oil-soluble retinoid and a delicious scent of rose, fight a gentle and effective fight against the dehydration, loss of elasticity and increase in fine lines that beset mature skin. The natural ingredients work together with the retinoid to nourish and restore your skin while you are sleeping. Our tester describes her skin as “dry and dull”, and was delighted that after a couple of weeks of using this at night her daytime skin looked more supple. The beautiful black bottle with its dropper dispenser certainly added to the uplift of the experience.

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B. Radiant Antioxidant Boost Facial Oil, 30ml: £6.95, Superdrug

Our tester, an outdoorsy girl with not much time for a skincare regime of any kind, found that massaging a generous few drops of this oil into her face last thing at night left her skin feeling much more hydrated than usual and improved in look by morning. She liked the no-nonsense approach, the natural ingredients such as rosehip and argan oil, the vanishingly subtle floral fragrance and the fact that it was very quickly absorbed, leaving no residue on her skin. Next stop: the daytime moisturiser in the range...

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Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil, 25ml: £143, John Lewis 

This family-owned French beauty brand was one of the first to use botanical essences in cosmetics and is well known for its anti-ageing products. This is the first skin care oil it has produced for mature skins. The quickly absorbed, dry-feeling oil smells gorgeous, no doubt thanks to the essential oils of Bulgarian rose and magnolia, combined with black rose extract. Our tester found it particularly beneficial at night, loving the fragrance and the way it absorbed as soon as she massaged it into her skin, and has become so fond of the product that she puts a couple of drops under her morning primer, too. After a couple of weeks she reported that her wrinkles were looking softer, and her skin felt as if it had more elasticity.

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Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Oil, 15ml: £65, Feel Unique

This is formulated with a trio of seaweeds, including the gloriously named Roaring Water Kelp, to maximise hydration and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The nearest our sensitive-skinned tester had previously got to face oil was a very bland almond oil – but she found this to be different thing altogether, with a lovely fragrance, reminiscent of spas and aromatherapy massages. Any worries that the highly aromatic oil would irritate were dispelled at once, and her skin did not object at all. Weirdly the smell evaporated almost as soon as the oil made contact with her skin, and she found that it absorbed easily, was fine and not greasy and left her face silky soft. All in all, she found the product a treat, and will happily give it a few months at the very least to sort out her fine lines and wrinkles. 

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Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil, 15ml: £45, Cult Beauty 

The first surprise about this is that it is a bright blue, drawing attention to its star ingredients, blue tansy and German chamomile, which soothe the skin by dint of their anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains retinoid oil, to minimise the look of your pores and any loss of elasticity in your skin. It is a good idea to use a retinol product at night as it can leave your skin more sensitive to sunlight if used during the day. US cosmetic chemist Sunday Riley knows her stuff, and, while our tester did not particularly love the smell, she found it an effective product. Having used it diligently every night for several weeks, she felt that it was really starting to make a difference to her complexion.

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Aurelia Cell Repair Night Oil, 50ml: £62, Cult Beauty

Our tester loved the clean, floral scent of this treatment, designed to work with the skin’s natural nightly repair process, giving an overnight boost of antioxidants and vitamins. Initially dubious about using a face oil, she found that it was lighter than she had expected and absorbed well when massaged into her skin, leaving no marks on her pillow-case. Her skin can be on the dry side, but it responded well to the oil, feeling smooth and hydrated, and she was intrigued by the exotic blend of kalahari oil, mongongo oil, kigelia and baobab, which work together to repair, hydrate and renew. The relaxing combination of neroli, lavender, rose and mandarin provided a sweet-smelling prelude to sleep.

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111Skin Celestial Black Diamond Retinol Oil, 30ml: £150, Harrods 

This range is named after the Harley Street practice address of its creator, Dr Alexandrides, who has developed products which combine powerful anti-ageing benefits with protection from sun, stress and pollution. Our tester was initially anxious about trying a face oil, but the Harley Street credentials of this one encouraged her to try it on her sensitive skin. Having read up on retinol, which it contains in a high concentration, she was interested in its claims to diminish wrinkles, relieve redness and achieve a smooth, clear skin. She used the tiniest amount initially and found that it went on easily.  Following the instructions to limit use to three times a week and gradually increase the frequency, her skin already feels very velvety and she can sense a definite improvement in appearance.

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Cowshed Cranberry Seed Rejuvenating Facial Oil, 30ml: £36, Cowshed

The award-winning products from Cowshed are made in England using organic plant extracts and essential oils, a wide range of which are to be found here, including age-resisting rose absolute, neroli, known for its skin-calming and rejuvenating effects, and cranberry seed essential oil, which contributes to the lipid barrier protection of the skin and assists in moisture retention. This is the one for you if skin firming is a concern. 

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The Verdict: Night oils for mature skin

Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate for Night would be the victor on fragrance alone, but it is an all-round effective product, so it gets our Best Buy. Votary Intense Night Oil is a particularly lovely product to use – it has to be the midnight oil of choice for a very special treat for your skin. And the Pure Overnight Oil is extremely good value for an effective budget product.

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