We’re digging out all our winter clothes here at IndyBest and have found that last year’s scents have stubbornly stuck to our scarves. Clearly, it’s time for a refresh!

Featured below are 10 of the latest men’s fragrances for this winter: from fiery scents to warm you up to the refreshing hints of winter walks and windswept beaches.

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BYREDO Eleventh Hour Eau de Parfum 50ml: £105, Selfridges

This luxury Swedish brand has created a beautiful dark new palette, a leap from its traditionally floral notes. Inspired by a “journey to the end of time”, it is very different to other scents out there at the moment.

With top notes of pepper and citrus, the unique aspect of this scent is the heart. Warming carrot seeds, rum and figs bring a welcome depth.

It’s the perfect winter fragrance and the most distinctive we’ve found. It also lasted a good 10 hours after being sprayed on in the morning. 

The best Doctor Who episode and one of the best new fragrances around? Fantastic.

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Dunhill Century For Men Eau de Parfum: £59, John Lewis

One of the first things you notice about Dunhill’s new Century fragrance is the bottle: the striking design resembles a puzzle box. We found the lid a bit tricky at first, but discovered you just have to twist and lift (it’s held together with magnets).

Inside is a fruity liquid with touches of grapefruit and mandarin for freshness, and cardamom and sandalwood for warmth.

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Coach Platinum: £49, John Lewis

The base of this fragrance is classic Coach earthy vanilla leather and sandalwood keep things clean, crisp and whole. But it’s up in the top notes where the real fun is happening.

Hints of black pepper, juniper and pineapple give the experience a warm spice unlike your more traditional bergamots and cardamom scents.

As with other Coach fragrances, the bottle comes with a clever twist and lock top (a design feature borrowed from the Coach bags of the 1950s), making this a perfect grab-and-go scent.

Chuck it in your bag for a quick top-up after the gym and this scent will stay with you for the rest of the day.

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Issey Miyake L’Eau Super Majeure D’Issey: £47, John Lewis

Last year, Issey Miyake debuted Majeure D’Issey a reinvention of the iconic Issey fragrance, focusing on the power of water. This year Super Majeure returns with a new imagining on the same theme.

Inspired by sea salt, windswept beaches and driftwood bonfires, Super Majeure socks you around the jaw like an Atlantic squall, before it settles down with tones of sage and rosemary. This is a signature scent more for a night out than every day.

In the smooth, redesigned bottle, the sweet and salty fragrance is a delightful addition to your winter wardrobe.

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Tom Ford Ombré Leather: £82, Boots

The master of men’s fragrances, Mr Ford’s latest scent doesn’t disappoint.

Ombré Leather starts off with a fairly weighty drop kick of spicy cardamom and saffron, but, like an elegant gentleman spy dressed in an impeccable Tom Ford suit, the drop kick is both precise and perfectly executed.

Jasmine – an underused ingredient in men’s fragrances – and deep woody tones then start to come through, especially as the fragrance matures on the skin.

After spraying this on in the morning, we found that a refresh was required towards the end of the day. This provided a great excuse, however, to retrieve the perfect bottle and smell the fragrance.

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Louis Vuitton Sur la Route: £185, Louis Vuitton

This year the house of Louis Vuitton released its first men’s fragrances, unveiling five scents on the themes of adventure and self revelation.

We tested Sur la Route, a fragrance with many interesting angles. It begins with classic citrus and cedarwood, leaving a fresh tingle on the skin, but Peruvian balsam slowly begins to seep through.

According to Louis Vuitton, this ingredient was typically used to treat coughs, but this is no modern-day Calpol. It smells wonderfully soothing and feels like an luxurious addition to the overwhelmingly pleasing final scent.

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YSL Y Eau de Parfum: £72, Boots

Last year Yves Saint Laurent shook up its range with Y Eau de Toilette, a fresh, everyday scent brimming with ginger and bergamot. It became an instant classic, much like its older sibling.

Now, the eau de parfum has arrived, delivering a weightier scent for the bolder fan. This iteration of the fragrance is a tougher, more in-your-face imagining of the very modern scent.

In addition to ginger, fresh apple has been added to the mix with a hefty serving of tonka bean, mint and amber. This adds an acre of depth to the palette.

The newly redesigned bottle is in a darker bottle, giving a more mature appearance.

This latest edition to the YSL family is a great new take on the original Y, although it may be a little too much for the fainthearted.

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Jusbox Golden Serenade: £250, Selfridges

Jusbox is a statement purchase and would make a great Christmas gift. The beautifully themed fragrances and box sets are unforgettable and a surefire hit with perfume lovers and music fans alike.

This latest creation celebrates the first golden record awarded in history. The date was 1942 and Glenn Miller and his band had just sold their millionth copy of Chattanooga Choo Choo. The fragrance evokes similar classic style, with clear saffron, clove and incense sounding out at the top of the orchestra, and amber and vanilla keeping time in the bass.

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Acqua Di Parma Colonia Sandalo: £179, John Lewis

Acqua Di Parma’s latest scent is blissful, thanks to the inclusion of rich, creamy sandalwood. Framed around zesty lemons and oranges, the sandalwood takes prominence in this intense, but wonderfully well balanced, scent.

The way it ages on the skin is equally thought-out, with little notes of cardamom and lavender coming through as the woody notes settle down.

The bottle retains the classic Acqua Di Parma shape, with the rich art deco colours setting it apart from previous instalments. This is an unforgettable fragrance, one that many will pick up and stay with for a long time.

Another excellent addition from ADP.

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Emporio Armani Stronger With You: £43, John Lewis

This final fragrance is for everyone who likes sweeter smells. Emporio Armani’s latest scent, Stronger With You, starts off remarkably sugary, thanks to the hefty amount of Vanilla Jungle Essence™ in the mix (whatever that may be).

However, once the sweetness settles down, after about 10 minutes, a mix of violet and peppercorns filters through.

Although it’s only an eau de toilette, it has plenty of power. If Emporio Armani released an eau de parfum, we might not know what hit us.

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The Verdict: Best men’s fragrances for winter 2018/2019

Byredo’s Eleventh Hour is one of the most exciting new scents out there. For something slightly less expensive, Dunhill’s Century would make a beautiful addition to a bathroom cabinet that bottle is a real showstopper.

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