When you’re having a bad hair day, it can feel like everybody and their uncle is against you. Loose strand here, grizzly frizz there.

But it turns out that there’s a quick fix to tame every last unruly strand, or at least disguise them a little. And it’s hair clips.

These humble accessories might’ve once been reserved for schoolgirls with a combined age that only just tops double figures, but in 2019, hair clips have officially graduated into grown-up garb.

This fledgling trend of pinning one’s hair back with glitzy slogan clips and pins was all over the spring/summer 2019 runways, with London-based designer Ashley Williams leading the way with her signature slogan sparkly slides.

From statement pieces to classically feminine faux pearl barrettes, there’s something to suit every mood in our roundup of the eight best hair clips to shop now.

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Shrimps Antonia bead-embellished hair clip: £75, Matches Fashion

This retro floral hair clip is all you need to elevate a conventional white T-shirt and denim jeans getup. Simply clip it into the back of your hair so it holds two front strands together, and you’ve completely transformed your everyday look and added a touch of glamour. It’s not cheap, but this geometric gem-adorned clip is sizeable and will provide you with the pizzazz worth three other accessories. It works a treat even on your frizziest and most irritating hairs, given that it tucks without tugging – a rarity in the troublesome world of hair clips.

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Anthropologie set of two faux pearl embellished hair clips: £22, Anthropologie

This bohemian brand is best-known for its home furnishings, but Anthropologie offers plenty when it comes to quirky hair things too. This set of pearly barrettes is a must-have for any saturday night on the town. Though don’t let its girlish charm mislead you, this pair of pins would look best when paired with a grungier ensemble to offset its in-your-face femininity. Think black biker boots and a lace slip dress with a band T-shirt hanging over the top. The clip mechanism is one of the most basic and secure too, perfect for all that dance floor jiving you’ll be doing on said saturday night.

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Monki pearl imitation hair pins: £5, Monki

They’re cheap and cheerful, but these pearl pins still pack a style punch. They’re a little more subtle than some of the other bolder hair clips included here, so would work very well in an office environment. They are delicate though, so don’t try to pin lots of hairs in these ones at once. Think of them as ornamental rather than practical; they serve a primarily decorative purpose.

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Gucci crystal single hair clip: £315, Gucci

Okay, so it’s not exactly affordable. But it’s Gucci. And Gucci is not a brand that was made to be accessible. In fact, it's the opposite, hence its appeal. This clip has its logo stamped on front and centre, just in case you didn’t know where it was from.

In some cases, logo-mania can be garish and unbecoming. Somehow, Gucci manages to bypass that, with almost all of its most popular items rising in popularity thanks to the blatant logo placement. This is no different. Made with black resin and covered in rhinestones, this clip is a work of masterful craftsmanship.

Just be sure you don’t wear it with anything else that’s noticeably Gucci, or any other expensive designer label for that matter.

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Valet Ursula set of two resin hair clips: £34, Net-a-Porter

These cute kitschy shell-shaped clips are your new best friend for spring. Lightweight but distinctive enough to add flair to any daytime ensemble, they’re the ultimate handbag hair accessory. Yes, they look like seashells, but these clips should not go anywhere near the seaside, they’re far too chic. Keep them far away from the sandy bays (if you lose them, people might think they’re actually just shells…) and clip these into your locks for your next post-work knees up. Put one on either side for a cutesy girlish look, or tie nip two on one side for a double-whammy dose of style.

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Simone Rocha flower hair clip: £145, 24 Sevres

This is a wonderful outfit addition if you’re wearing all-white or all-black and want to slip in a splash of colour without reaching for your red lipstick. Instead, this is a much easier, more smudge-free strategy, and it comes via one of the most esteemed British fashion houses around. Simone Rocha might’ve made its name in floral tulle gowns and elaborate headbands, but hair clips are quickly becoming its “thing”. This petal-covered clip is very lightweight and easy to slide in just behind your ear. It’s a little slippery when it comes to keeping your hair in place so you might have to readjust it every now and then, but when a clip looks this good, it’s worth every last fuss.

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Ashley Williams woman crystal hair pins: £110, Liberty London

There’s a reason Ashley Williams is one of the first names you hear when someone mentions hair clips. The British designer’s statement slogan pins were among those to kickstart the rising hair accessories trend, and they have since become synonymous with a kind of unbridled sass Jessica Rabbit could only dream of. This particular set is glorious for obvious reasons – namely because it literally screams “I am woman, hear me roar” – but it also slides into your hair neatly and easily and stays fixed in the place you put it. It’s a well-behaved pin, but it’s got attitude.

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Jennifer Behr Botticelli gold-tone Swarovski pearl hair clip: £185, Net-a-Porter

This is a grand old clip. It’s one that looks like it has been pinched from your grandmother’s collection, which all vintage thrillseekers will know is as good as it gets when it comes to retro garb. The clip fastens easily without fuss and will sit pretty on the back of your head, adding some personality to your locks, brushed or otherwise. The state of your hair doesn’t really matter with this clip, because you can use it to pull every last loose and unwashed strand from your face and make it look somehow like their messiness is intentional. This clip creates a look that lends itself to devil-may-care attitudes. Embrace it.

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The verdict: Hair clips

It has to be Shrimps for the win. This rectangular clip stands out in a crowded market of shells, slogans and pearls. It offers something different with its larger size and angular shape. Plus, it will last you for a while given the quality. It’s worth making an investment in this one.

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