With Easter just around the corner, it’s time to stock up on your favourite chocolates and indulge your sweet tooth.

Traditionally, those who are vegan or on a dairy-free diet might have found themselves limited to one or two dark chocolate eggs.

But with more choosing to ditch dairy than ever before, there’s now a whole range of options to tuck into.

Whether you’re looking for plant-based alternatives, a luxurious cocoa-rich offering or an Easter bunny for your inner child, here’s 12 of the best dairy-free and vegan Easter eggs to try.

Moo Free sea salt and caramel egg: £7, Ocado

One of the original dairy-free chocolate brands, Moo Free is known for its affordable, rice-milk based alternatives to milk chocolate. This sea salt and caramel egg is a new offering for 2019 and doesn’t disappoint. The brand has managed to recreate the smooth, silky texture of traditional milk chocolate, with the added sweetness of the caramel contrasting nicely with the sea salt. At only £7 it offers excellent value, and several of our testers (who usually eat dairy) couldn’t tell the difference between this and a traditional milk chocolate egg.

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Asda free-from choc Easter ​bunny: £3, Asda

Easter egg hunting for little ones with dietary restrictions can be incredibly tricky. Luckily, Asda has come up trumps with its cute free-from dairy, gluten and wheat choc bunny (it does contain soya), at a very purse-friendly £3. This hollow treat was much loved by our younger tester; and it’s lower in cocoa content than lots on our list, meaning it is more suited to a sweeter palate and those who aren’t a fan of darker varieties.

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Chocolates by Eloise extra dark chocolate Easter egg with ginger and lemongrass: £22.99, Chocolates by Eloise

Whilst most vegan Easter egg offerings can be found in the supermarket, here’s an artisan handmade option that’s more than worthy of a mention. Chocolates by Eloise is all about premium and unusual sweet treats, which shows in this handmade egg crafted from extra-dark chocolate (72 per cent cocoa solids, which are always sustainably sourced from across the globe) that’s fused with the warming flavours of ginger and lemongrass.

There’s no denying that the quality is excellent, and the unusual flavour combo just works— a testament to the fact it’s made experimentally by hand in small batches. Given its avoidance of fillers and artificial ingredients that you might find in other eggs, it’s also a great option for health-conscious foodies.

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Tesco Finest free-from Belgian dark chocolate egg: £5, Tesco

This Tesco Finest egg is gluten-, wheat- and dairy-free. Our tester noted that the Belgian dark chocolate was incredibly luxurious, without the bitter aftertaste that dark variants sometimes bring. They were particularly impressed with the accompanying fondant-filled, hand-decorated truffles (which are raspberry and orange flavoured).

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Moo Free Easter bunnycomb egg: £3.99, Ocado

As it has a such an extensive offering of dairy-free Easter eggs, we thought it only fair to include a second option from Moo Free. This “bunnycomb” (or honeycomb to you) Easter egg may be marketed for a younger audience – with characters such as Hammy Hamster and Rosie Rabbit – but its flavour makes it a big hit with adults too: the crunch of the honeycomb complemented the milky-tasting chocolate perfectly. This is a dairy-free chocolate egg with all the texture and taste of the real thing.

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Divine five-egg Flight of Flavours: £8, Ocado

With so many amazing vegan chocolate flavours on offer, it can be hard to settle on just one. Luckily, this five-egg combo by Fairtrade chocolate brand Divine offers you the chance to try them all. Not only is the quality of Divine chocolate excellent (the eggs range from 60 to 70 per cent cocoa and it uses no palm oil and soya) but it also supports cocoa farmers in Ghana by offering them shares in the company. This selection of five mini chocolate eggs includes dark choc with raspberry, dark with ginger and orange, and our favourite – dark with pink Himalaya salt.

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Booja Fine De Champagne chocolate truffle Easter egg: £10.40, Booja Booja


If you’re looking to buy chocolates for a vegan, you can never go wrong with Booja Booja, which is known from its ultra-velvety, luxury truffles that are made from only a handful of natural ingredients. Open the beautifully decorative, hand-painted shell (which is sadly inedible but far too beautiful to throw away) to reveal the star attraction: a small collection of handmade champagne truffles that are so incredibly decadent that you could only manage one at a time. What’s more, this is one of the few soya- and nut-free options in our roundup.

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So Free no added sugar chocolate Easter egg: £4, Plamil Foods

The perfect choice for those on a low-sugar diet, this innovative dark chocolate egg uses teeth-friendly sweetener xylitol instead of traditional sugar, making its sugar count a staggeringly low 1g per 100g. Because of this, the hollow egg may lack the luxurious taste some eggs manage to recreate, but it’s still a fantastic alternative for those conscious of their sugar intake. All of So Free’s eggs are also made with 100 per cent renewable energy.

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Buttermilk free-from chocolate orange Easter egg: £6, Sainsbury’s

Cornish artisan confectionery brand Buttermilk has been making sweet treats for over 50 years but has only recently launched its free-from offerings. Its chocolate orange dairy-free Easter egg (which also comes in honeycomb flavour should you prefer it) is a strong debut. The smooth, “milky” chocolate is richly flavoured with natural orange oils, creating the perfect choc-orange blend. It’s indulgent and sweet without being overly sickly or rich. And at £6, it’s also great value for a handmade egg.

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Hotel Chocolat extra-thick Easter egg – rare & vintage: £29, Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat is well known for its high-end, luxury chocolate, and it doesn’t get much more luxe than this extra-thick rare and vintage egg. The weighty gift box (with gold labelling and tied with ribbon) made this feel premium before we even opened the box.

While the egg itself was truly some of the thickest, smoothest chocolate we’ve ever eaten (this egg blends 75 per cent dark Colombian chocolate with 72 per cent Honduras dark), inside we also found a plethora of tasty chocolate treats and nuts.

There’s no denying this egg is expensive, but this incredibly rich chocolate is made to be consumed in small portions—meaning it’ll last you ages.

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Mummy Meagz Easter bundle – vegan and gluten-free cream eggs and rocky road bars: from £16.95, Mummy Meagz

We thought we’d seen everything vegan confectionery had to offer—until we discovered Mummy Meagz that is. Created by a vegan looking to showcase indulgent dairy- and egg-free sweet treats, Mummy Meagz has got us incredibly excited by its latest product: gluten-free and vegan cream eggs.

Somehow, it has perfectly recreated the gooey, silky fondant of the traditional variety and even non-vegan testers were taken by these. You can choose to order them in batches of six or combine the eggs with the brand’s equally popular rocky road vegan treats (in a variety of different quantity combos). Those avoiding soya will be excited to learn the cream eggs are soya-free too.

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Montezuma’s organic dark chocolate with cocoa nibs eco egg: £10.05, Amazon

The vegan movement isn’t just about ditching dairy – many are opting to source plastic-free and sustainable products too. Montezuma’s eco egg takes the commitment to helping the planet one step further, by only using 100 per cent recyclable packaging. The simple cardboard design means the egg itself takes centre stage. If you’re a fan of dark chocolate, then you’ll love this silky, deep blend which contains organic cocoa nibs. With no artificial preservatives, it blends 73 per cent organic cocoa with organic vanilla and sugar, making it one of the healthiest options in our roundup.

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The verdict: vegan and dairy-free Easter eggs

Moo Free’s sea salt and caramel egg is our number one pick, getting top marks in our taste test and offering excellent value for money. We were also impressed by So Free’s no added sugar option – a great choice for those who need to follow a low sugar diet. Finally, a special shoutout goes to Mummy Meagz and its vegan cream eggs, which need to be tasted to be believed!

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