We can totally get on board with two bank holidays and the excuse of stuffing ourselves silly on chocolate. Yes, that’s right, we’re celebrating Easter! And what better way to treat your loved ones than with one of these luxury Easter eggs.

Our roundup contains the crème de le crème of confectionary – whether you prefer decadent dark chocolate, melt-in-the-mouth milk or even ruby – yep, you read that right.

Each year retailers race to outdo themselves, with the aim to bring us the most beautifully decorated, tastiest treats. It’s an eggcellent eggstravaganza (sorry) and we are very pleased to share our favourites with you.

Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse the turned Easter egg, 400g: £40.68, Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse

The very definition of "too pretty to eat", this sculptural beauty from the Parisian chocolatier is a real masterpiece. Available in either dark or milk chocolate, each is stuffed with a selection of full sized almond, coconut and hazelnut praline chocolates in the shape of bells, eggs, lobsters and fishes. Boxed and wrapped in tissue paper, this would make a very special gift.

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Booja Booja fine de champagne truffles in a hand painted Easter egg, 138g: £24.99, Ocado



Strictly speaking this isn’t an Easter egg – at least not a hollow chocolate shell as you might expect. Instead you'll find a beautiful intricately hand-painted, velvet lined egg tied with a gold silky bow. Waiting inside is a packet of 12 utterly decadent champagne infused truffles, lightly dusted in cocoa powder, with an ever so slightly chewy texture. It’s part of an ongoing collaboration with Persian Dowry in Kashmir, India which employs talented artists to create these stunning designs. Oh and they also happen to be dairy-free too.

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Daylesford beekeepers egg, 1kg: £80, Daylesford

Carole Bamford, founder of Daylesford is passionate about saving our dwindling bee population. This provided the inspiration behind their beautiful one kilo chocolate egg, shaped to look like a beekeepers hive. The show-stopping design has been decorated by hand with cute bees iced all over. Through the opening at the front you’ll find a stash of milk chocolate honeycomb pieces, with the whole thing sitting on a milk chocolate stand. Truly egg-ceptional.

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Selfridges Selection artisan milk chocolate Easter egg, 200g: £29.99, Selfridges

This year, Selfridges’ exclusive Easter eggs have been made by the husband and wife team behind Baravelli’s – Wales’ first bean to bar artisan chocolatiers. Each egg, made from delicious 45 per cent Columbian milk chocolate, is hand painted – making them all beautifully unique. They’ve let the two-tone pink design do all the talking and kept things simple with no filling.

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Marks and Spencer hand decorated Belgian milk chocolate colosseum egg, 405g: £15, Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer have called this the colosseum egg, however we think it looks more like a golden grenade. Either way, it’s crafted from creamy milk chocolate, with the front covered in a golden lustre. We scoffed the hazelnut praline truffles before anyone got a look in, but sadly our gold-stained fingers gave us away. Drats.

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Eggs with legs, 450g: £50, Harvey Nichols

If you’re looking for a luxury egg that will last long after the Easter festivities have ended, this limited edition "egg with legs" should do the trick. Aside from the foil-wrapped, milk chocolate hollow egg, each pack contains an individually decorated egg cup created by the celebrated ceramic designer Mary Rose Young.

No two designs will be exactly the same but there are two themes to choose from. Our favourite is the rose edition which features a floral pattern and a rosebud-shaped fastening on the shoe, or go for the jewel version with striped braces. You’ll have to hurry though, only 125 have been made, with each individually numbered. A true keepsake.

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Cocoa Loco bakewell cherry & almond egg, 1250g: £30, Abel & Cole

Sarah Payne set up Cocoa Loco in her kitchen back in 2005 and that handmade touch is still very much present with this egg, which has been roughly studded with almond slices and sour black cherry. However, what it lacks in super slick design it more than makes up for with its sheer size. This is a whopper – all 1250g of super smooth dark chocolate, in a thick shell that parts to reveal loose dark chocolate buttons (just like the good ol’ days). We were very impressed with the lack of plastic and minimal, recyclable packaging.

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Prestat ruby Easter egg with ruby sea salt caramels, 170g: £17.50, Ocado

Proving that great things don’t always come in big packages is Prestat with this petit but luxurious egg. Inside the box (decorated with multi-coloured exotic birds) is a gold foil-wrapped egg sitting on hot pink tissue paper, tied with a silky pink bow. Carrying on the pink theme is the chocolate egg itself, crafted from 47 per cent ruby chocolate which is at once a little fruity and very sweet. More pink ruby chocolate lurks inside, this time in the form of six truffles, bursting with caramel. Clearly big doesn’t always mean better.

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Chococo dark chocolate seaside Easter egg, 175g: £12.50, Chococo

The bright blue hue might look like it was created with the help of multiple E numbers, but actually it’s spirulina that’s responsible for the shade. Yes, the algae superfood more commonly seen in seriously healthy smoothies – although we’re not suggesting this egg will turn you into Deliciously Ella overnight. The under-the-sea vibe continues inside, with both chocolate halves decorated with starfish, seahorses and shells. Made in Dorset by hand, this dark chocolate egg is naturally dairy-free, so perfect for vegans.

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Chocolate Libertine salted caramel milk nest egg, 300g: £27.95, Chocolate Libertine

Instead of hiding the treats inside, Chocolate Libertine have displayed the extras right on the front, with a nest of salted caramel mini eggs sitting within curls and swirls of chocolate. The slightly salty homemade mini eggs are much more elegant than the ones we remember eating as kids and the glossy, speckled shell is made from luxurious Belgian chocolate.

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Hotel Chocolat extra-thick rocky road Easter egg, 500g: £27, Hotel Chocolat

An oldie but a goodie, Hotel Chocolat’s extra thick Easter eggs celebrate their 18th birthday this year. One half consists of dulce de leche caramel chocolate, while the other half is 40 per cent milk chocolate interspersed with chunks of cookie and puffed rice pieces for extra crunch. Once you’ve made your way inside the super thick shell (good luck with that) you’ll find full sized chocolates from the main range. Our favourites being the caramel cheesecake and the trillionaire's shortbread. Here’s to another 18 years!

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Heston From Waitrose the chocolate teapot, 320g: £20, Waitrose & Partners

The one and only time you’ll find a use for a chocolate teapot, this Beauty & the Beast-esque creation from Heston is crafted from milk chocolate and stuffed with cocoa nibs which are meant to resemble loose leaf tea. The sugar cubes come on the side, except nothing is quite as it seems because they’re actually tea-infused chocolate truffles. The pairings include black tea and ginger with dark chocolate, fragrant jasmine tea with sweet white chocolate and earl grey with milk chocolate. Now all you need to do is put the kettle on.

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Charbonnel et Walker milk chocolate Easter egg filled with milk chocolates, 450g: £45, Charbonnel et Walker

Why choose between a chocolate box and an Easter egg when you can have the best of both. Charbonnel et Walker have stuffed this thick milk chocolate shell with a selection of their infamous chocolates, all of which come in individual paper cases. Expect the likes of fudge, caramel and fondant centres –but there’s a booklet explaining which is which if you don’t like surprises. The box itself is decorated in cheerful yellow stripes and spring-like flowers with the egg tied up in a yellow ribbon.

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The verdict: Luxury Easter eggs

We think Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse make some of the best chocolate in the world, but if you’re not looking to spend quite so much, Booja Booja’s truffles are divine and you’ll get a keepsake at the same time.

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