There is a distinct difference between an Easter egg aimed at a grown up and one aimed at a child. Whatever your age, we all know which one you’d prefer to be given.

The fancy sphere dusted with edible gold with swirls of salted caramel running through it and six exquisite truffles that come with their own menu hidden within, is not a patch on the creamy milk chocolate number in the colourful packaging with your child’s name on it. 

And, even amongst the children’s Easter egg selection there are ones that stand out from the rest. Kids aren’t easy to please. An egg aimed at children can’t just be fun to look at, it must taste yummy, be a satisfying challenge to crack and ideally have a little additional treat hidden within its shell.   

Here’s our pick of the best children’s Easter eggs on the market this year, and so that no one feels left out, we’ve included a tasty vegan and dairy-free option too.

You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing and expert advice. This revenue helps us to fund journalism across The Independent. Chococo milk chocolate unicorn studded egg: £12.50, Chococo

Surely this is the prettiest Easter egg you have ever seen? This creamy 45 per cent Venezuelan origin milk chocolate shell is hand decorated with abstract splashes of naturally-coloured cocoa butter. It takes a good whack with a wooden spoon to get inside, and that’s when it really gets magical. Embedded into the inside of this egg are the cutest, yummiest, white chocolate unicorns. A truly enchanting looking and delicious egg designed to make young jaws drop.

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Cadbury Dairy Milk Crunchie ultimate Easter egg: £12, Ocado

This is one giant Easter egg; its size alone will impress. This egg is chunkier than most too. Just a fingerprint-sized piece of this shell is almost equivalent to popping a whole square of Cadbury Dairy Milk into your mouth and in this case the cult-favourite chocolate is laced with tiny chunks of honeycombed Crunchie. What’s not to love? This also comes with a bonus of three Crunchie bars too. An impressive looking, scrummy Easter egg that will last a little one a good few days.

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Fortnum & Mason children's butterscotch popcorn egg: £15, Fortnum & Mason

Enveloped within this super cute Henny Penny packaging is a gleaming golden butterscotch popcorn milk chocolate egg. This egg is quite pricey, but even little ones will appreciate this creamy butterscotch flavoured hand-made chocolate dotted with crunchy pieces of popcorn, which makes up this thicker than standard shell. And concealed within is a bag of chocolate popping-candy buttons. A cracking egg for a child with a taste for the finer things in life.

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Rococo & Roald Dahl Bruce Bogtrotter’s fudge cake Easter Egg with chocolate fudge: £25, Rococo Chocolates

There are so many layers to unravel before you get to this Easter egg that you could have a game of pass-the-parcel with it. But this is all part of this special chocolatey gift experience. And for fan’s of Roald Dahl’s Matilda, this piece of confectionery is particularly heavenly. This thick egg is made from Rococo’s scrummy Bruce Bogtrotter fudge cake chocolate bar, which contains chips of vanilla fudge, and inside the egg there is a bag of very more-ish chocolate fudge pieces. A pricey egg for budding gastronomes.

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Nestlé Smarties hen house: £5, Waitrose & Partners

There’s a lot to be got from this cute hen house theatre box. A sizeable chocolate hen with an almost hen-egg sized Smartie-filled egg are inside it. Plus, a large golden-foiled wrapped egg. And there is more fun to be had when all these edible treats have been gobbled. Cut out the four cardboard characters and the box becomes a stage – even the foil wrappers are recycled for the production. A fantastic treat and toy in one.

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Hotel Chocolat soft boiled white Easter egg: £10, Hotel Chocolat

Asked to choose between a chocolate Easter egg and a hen’s egg with soldiers, the chocolate version will win every time, but kids love this rather absurd comparison, which is why this tongue-in-cheekily named soft-boiled chocolate egg will bring on the giggles. It requires a good whack with a spoon to open it up but it’s worth the effort as it tastes as good as it looks. A lovely sweet creamy white chocolate egg with refreshingly minimal packaging – it comes in a biodegradable cellulose ribbon-tied bag – for kids who get a kick out of food art.

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Holland & Barrett dairy-free organic egg: £2.99, Holland & Barrett

Most dairy-free Easter eggs are dark chocolate, which children often find too rich to stomach. This one is made from a milk chocolate alternative, and a good one at that. It has a lovely creamy milk-chocolatey taste, which comes pretty close to the real thing. It’s organic and gluten-free too, so no need for coeliac and vegan children to miss out on Easter. The packaging is cute and it comes with a little bunny chocolate bar. A tasty, inexpensive Easter egg for children with allergies and special dietary requirements.

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Tesco golden Easter egg hunt adventure kit: £4.50, Tesco

Put the tradition back into the Easter weekend and organise an Easter egg hunt. This kit has everything you need to create a fantastic hide-and-seek Easter egg treasure hunt. There are cards to write clues on; bunny paw prints to point seekers in the right direction; bags of tasty mini foiled solid chocolate eggs; fourteen scrummy multicoloured foiled hen-egg sized hollow chocolate eggs; third, second and first place stickers; and a delicious giant golden egg for the winner. A fun and interactive Easter game that will keep the kids busy for hours, and a bargain too!

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Thorntons milk chocolate bunny Easter egg: £4, Thorntons

You can’t go wrong with Thorntons. This velvety milk chocolate egg is satisfyingly difficult to crack into, but once you're in it breaks up easily, without crumbling into annoyingly tiny pieces. It’s got an adorable Easter bunny moulded on to its front too. A delicious Easter egg that will delight everyone from tots to teens, but keep it hidden from the oldies.

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Morrisons white chocolate Sparkles the unicorn: £4, Morrisons

Not only is this chocolate unicorn super cute to look at, it’s crafted from delicious creamy white chocolate and it’s thick chocolate too, so it should last one little person more than a day. Plus, it’s a good fun challenge to crack. An adorable Easter egg for younger children and fans of sweet white chocolate. 

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The verdict: Kids' Easter eggs

Any child will be grateful to receive any one of these tasty, great-looking Easter delights, but the milk chocolate unicorn studded egg from Chococo is the absolute winner. It’s not the cheapest, but isn't extortionately expensive and the chocolate is absolutely top quality. It’s a tough one to crack, but the magical look of this egg combined with the cute little unicorns that is conceals makes it really out of this world.

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