Oh, how times have changed. A couple of years ago, if someone got you a set of dumbells or a Sports Direct voucher for Christmas, you'd have taken it as an insult (and quite possibly skipped that second helping of trifle). Nowadays, health and fitness essentials are a lot more covetable - and there really is something to suit everyone.

1. Daily Greatness yoga journal limited bloom edition: £39.95, Yoga Matters

This diary, goal and appointment planner is ideal for someone who likes to log their thoughts, but is far too zen for a Filofax. The daily pages give you gentle prompts to meditate, set intentions, and of course practise yoga, with checkins to keep you motivated and encourage self-inquiry and gratitude.

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2. Liquid Yoga: £19.50, Mio

Every yogi knows that incense is so 6th century. If you like to stretch leaving your living room smelling like a teenager's bedroom, this is the modern way to create an ambience. The essential oils help to calm the mind and alleviate insomnia and tension headaches. 

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3. Frends headphones: £140, Style PB

Whaddya mean, earphones should be more about function than fashion? These are both, and will serve you far beyond the treadmill. 

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4. Core performance leggings: £150, Lucas Hugh

There are some among us who will never be caught dead in scruffy sweats - and the gym is no exception. These leggings look more nightclub than sports club, yet are functional enough to see you through a tough training session and even brunch afterwards. 

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5. This Works Sleep Plus Cracker: £12, Boots

There are never enough hours in the day, and many people make up the difference by sacrificing sleep - or waste precious bedtime hours bolt awake fretting about tomorrow's tasks. This pillow spray releases its calming fragrance as you move during the night. It could be the best gift that special workaholic in your life ever received.  

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6. Lorraine Pascale's 'Eating Well Made Easy': £7.50, HarperCollins

If you know someone's who's a dab hand in the kitchen, here's one for the collection. This book is all about healthy eating without the silliness - no obscure ingredients or complicated methods here. 

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7. Nutribullet RX: £199.99, High Street TV

This is the year it became acceptable to cart around cups filled with pond-hued healthy concoctions. Now there's a way to take that juicing habit right through the winter months - this nifty contraption doesn't just blend your veggies, but heats them into a nourishing soup too. Maybe leave the banana out of this one, though… 

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8. Yoga mat: £68, La Vie Boheme Yoga

We all know one, that person who posts sunrise hike vistas and taut gym selfies, much to the chagrin of the rest of us lazy lumps. Now they can Instabrag without having to leave the house thanks to this very photogenic yoga mat.

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9. Misfit Shine: £49.99, Amazon

Wearable fitness is designed to be, well, worn. But not all wearables are that pretty or subtle. Enter Misfit Shine - the metallic disc can be worn on your wrist or clipped to clothes for the most subtle tech to keep you on track.

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The Misfit Shine is sleek, stylish and perfect for anyone looking to step up their fitness in the new year. But if you really want them to love you forever, the Nutribullet RX will be the gift that keeps on giving. 

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