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Restoration of world’s forests 'would cancel out a decade of CO2'

New findings suggest trees are 'our most powerful weapon in the fight against climate change', says scientist

Insects 'could die out within a century', scientists warn

Agricultural pesticides, pollution and climate change wiping out species at 'alarming' rate, according to global scientific review

Polar bears ‘invading’ Russian homes as ice melts may be shot dead

Mammals have attacked people, one official claims, with parents afraid to send children to school

Is the beauty industry doing enough to tackle plastic pollution?

The beauty sector generated over 142 billion units of packaging last year – most of which ended up in landfill or the ocean. But are major corporations doing enough to kick the habit, asks Jessica Morgan

‘Alarming’ numbers of endangered turtles being stranded on beaches

Changing ocean temperatures expected to leave thousands of marine reptiles stunned and in danger of death