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Tom Peck

Tom Peck is The Independent's Political Sketch Writer. He has also worked as a Political Correspondent, Sports Writer and Olympics Correspondent.

Boris Johnson is bringing the country together, to tell him to go away

Wherever he goes, the people suddenly realise there is more that unites them than divides them, and what unites them is not wanting Boris Johnson anywhere near them

Vote Leave has taken over the Tory Party and it’s coming for the truth

Vote Leave has taken over the Tory Party, and so of course the Tory party is chucking out anyone who tries to deliver the sane version of Brexit that Vote Leave actually promised

The PM worries about damaging trust in politics – but he is the damage

It is hard to calibrate whether he managed to keep a straight face. It is, after all, a face whose natural state is an entitled smirk, and one that is itself a joke all over the world

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