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Sirena Bergman


My holiday wish is for an end to the cult of Christmas

I like the twinkly lights and gaudy jumpers as much as the next person, but our midwinter festival has become an elitist institution

TI’s ‘virginity test’ is disgusting, yet all too common among men

To be outraged at the rapper’s comments is appropriate, but it’s dangerous to frame it as an exceptional case. We need to dismantle the idea that women’s sexuality is for men to control

BBC mocked for confusing Meghan and Harry waxworks with the real royal

The segment was discussing Prince Harry's latest eco-travel initiative

Democrats should be ashamed that Gillibrand dropped out of 2020 race

Gillibrand ran on a platform of policies specifically tailored for women. Even Trump, who joked this morning that she was 'the candidate I was really afraid of', knew Democrats wouldn't care about that