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Simon Usborne

Simon Usborne is a features writer at The Independent and i.

Can vaping actually save the world from dangers of smoking?

E-cigarettes were invented by business, not medicine. But as more smokers make the switch, some health experts believe we’ve finally hit on something that could stub out smoking for good.

Stan Brock: The British adventurer who took free healthcare to the US

‘I don’t take sides politically. I’m not an American, I’m just the voice of the homeless and the underserved. But unless they fix these basic things, we’re going to be doing this long after my lifetime’

Will Bike Balls help wobbly cyclists?

​Travelling on two wheels has just got a little safer – or at least, a lot funnier – with the introduction of a new LED device. Simon Usborne won't play ball.

MPs accused of defending former Maldives dictator during luxury trip

Sir David Amess,  Ian Paisley and Mark Menzies accused of 'manipulating facts' to celebrate Maumoon Abdul Gayoom