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Miguel Delaney

Chief Football Correspondent

Miguel Delaney is The Independent’s award-winning Chief Football Writer. He has written for the publication since 2011 and focuses mainly on the Premier League and Champions League.

Which side are favourites ahead of third & final City vs Spurs clash?

Who will be in the better mental shape? Will Manchester City be too deflated, or even more determined? Will Spurs be emboldened and hungry for more, or temporarily sated? 

How this year’s Champions League came to frustrate the super clubs

It does not feel entirely coincidental that all of the super-clubs who enjoy such a monopoly in their own countries – Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich – have all crashed out

Barcelona smother inferior United to take advantage in tie

Manchester United 0-1 Barcelona: An unfortunate own goal by Luke Shaw was the most noteworthy incident in a strangely underwhelming game 

Time is running out for Barca to make the most of Messi’s genius

Barca have been blessed with one of history's greatest-ever players for so long that it is a mystery they've won so few Champions League trophies