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Matthew Norman

Matthew Norman is an award-winning Independent columnist who specialises in political satire.

The Mueller report is just a US version of the Butler review on Iraq

Those who prefer not to be guided by recorded fact have chosen their bespoke version of the truth already. Nothing in his report will alter that

Perhaps Sajid Javid should become a drug dealer – he’d do less damage

The home secretary is failing spectacularly on knife crime and he has done nothing to rectify the horrors of Windrush, but his punt for the Tory leadership might just work

Only Jess Phillips can save the Labour Party – Corbyn can't let her go

She belongs to that nascent breed of anti-tribalist politician who’s had it with the cliquish, masculinist power gaming and doctrinal narrowness which Brexit has brought to the boil

Chris Grayling's incompetence could help him to break America

As long as Grayling remains, Gavin Williamson and the rest of the idiocracy have cover. But it might not be there for long now that ‘The New York Times has taken an interest in his career