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Matthew Norman

Matthew Norman is an award-winning Independent columnist who specialises in political satire.

The Independent Group can only succeed by showing what it stands for

The two main parties have survived because they represent a sufficiently strong and simplistic raison d’etre. It’s still anyone’s guess what the Magnificent Seven’s is

Marching for a second referendum could finally give us Brexit clarity

All anyone can do to express their own will is march on Westminster next month, and in numbers sufficiently enormous to send a shockwave of terror through parliament

The abuse Anna Soubry faced was ugly, but it shouldn’t dictate Brexit

Stephen Barclay’s utopian call for unity over the incident is out of step with reality. However Brexit pans out, the country will be painfully split down the middle for years

Can John Bercow steer the country clear of the iceberg of Brexit?

Faced with an insanely intransigent prime minister on one side of the house, and Corbyn gone awol on the other, it is his judgments more than any other factor that will shape the country’s future