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Mary Dejevsky

Mary Dejevsky is an Independent columnist on foreign affairs, having previously been the title’s foreign correspondent in Moscow, Paris and Washington. She has written about the collapse of communism from inside Moscow, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the Iraq War and is a key authority on Russian politics, and on diplomatic relations between the Kremlin and the west.

Mary Dejevsky Like him or loathe him, Nigel Farage will go down in history

Whatever you think of our departure from the EU, Brexit was largely – if not entirely – the work of one man, says Mary Dejevsky

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Mary Dejevsky Just you wait – Boris Johnson will soon show his true centrist colours

Enthusiasm for Brexit does not always go hand in hand with support for the untrammelled free market


Mary Dejevsky Why the Russian report is so dangerous for Johnson

The prime minister may be right that keeping it under wraps will be less costly than releasing it now. Even still, he has sacrificed a huge jab he might have used against Corbyn

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Mary Dejevsky Three decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, hostilities linger

But now, new reasons for hope: Donald Trump’s protectionism is forcing central and east European nations to forge better relationships with their near neighbours