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Mary Dejevsky

Mary Dejevsky is an Independent columnist on foreign affairs, having previously been the title’s foreign correspondent in Moscow, Paris and Washington. She has written about the collapse of communism from inside Moscow, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the Iraq War and is a key authority on Russian politics, and on diplomatic relations between the Kremlin and the west.
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Mary Dejevsky What Putin’s state of the nation address really tells us

The address showed a president settling in to what is probably his last term, and focusing – as he himself said at the outset – on domestic concerns

The UK should make no effort to repatriate Shamima Begum – here’s why

There should be no question of the UK government mounting a rescue or facilitating Begum’s return. If her family want to fund such an effort, or a charity wants to help, that is their business

Not everything you’ve heard about the Sea of Azov incident is true

If existing arrangements for shared navigation in the Sea of Azov break down, Ukraine’s fears of losing this outlet to the Black Sea could prove to be well-founded  

The west’s attitude to Russia over the Interpol presidency is risky

Alexander Prokopchuk, the Russian candidate for the role, faced opposition that was as late in the process as it was strident – no wonder the Kremlin is angry