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Mary Dejevsky

Mary Dejevsky is an Independent columnist on foreign affairs, having previously been the title’s foreign correspondent in Moscow, Paris and Washington. She has written about the collapse of communism from inside Moscow, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the Iraq War and is a key authority on Russian politics, and on diplomatic relations between the Kremlin and the west.

A new anti-politics era will decide Ukraine’s presidential election

Such a clean, decisive and democratic change could be part of the tonic a jaded Ukraine badly needs

It’s not just the UK that will be dramatically altered by Brexit

Will it grow into a streamlined economic and diplomatic tour de force, or will it descend into bickering about its purpose? It’s anyone’s guess at this stage, but huge change is afoot regardless

Over Venezuela, Trump shows himself to be like any other US president

His actions are an almost exact replay of what was a staple of the Cold War years: US attempts by fair means or foul, to determine what happened in what it regarded as its own back yard