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Mark Steel

Mark Steel is a stand-up comedian, radio presenter and Independent columnist. He enjoys writing his column because no one ever takes it literally.

Winston Churchill was a hero partly because he was such a daft racist

Heroes are complex: it will probably turn out one day that Jesus had a gambling habit, and blew the widow’s mite on the 4.15 chariot race from Nazareth

Trump will definitely be open to compromises with Democrats – probably

When he makes up a story of a ‘caravan’ of dirty Hondurans heading towards the border to destroy the country, just reply: ‘With respect, Mr President, we’d like to make up that there’s only a Winnebago of dirty Hondurans’, and see if you can meet in the middle

I called my son Mustard Gas so I'll never forget the war dead

One company has commissioned a special Remembrance Bird House covered with pictures of poppies for the centenary. Gestures like that make you realise 60 million people didn’t die in vain