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Kirsty Major


Kirsty Major is Commissioning Editor of Independent Voices. She hosts The Independent's Double Take podcast. 

A bad Brexit could cripple workers’ rights

This looming threat is set – arguably thanks to the very same political party which is now leading us out of the EU – against a backdrop of declining trade union membership in the UK

Feminism isn't about what colour Kate Middleton wore to the Baftas

Reducing feminism to an inane conversation about what consumption decisions are good or bad completely misses the point of a project that is meant to be about dismantling power 

Clive Lewis accused of groping woman at Labour's 2017 conference

Exclusive: A Labour activist says the prominent MP inappropriately touched her at Momentum's fringe event

Why are Labour councils in London being accused of social cleansing?

In one extreme case, residents on the Cressingham Gardens Estate in Lambeth had to send Freedom of Information requests to gain access to information underlying the rationale behind the proposed demolition of their homes. Corbyn has proposed a ballot system to solve the problem – but is it enough?