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Jonathan Liew


Jonathan Liew is the Chief Sports Writer of The Independent. In February 2019 he was named sports columnist of the year by the Sports Journalists' Association.

Maradona film: ‘We found half the footage in a trunk in Buenos Aires’

Interview: The new film centres around Maradona’s time at Napoli, where he moved from Barcelona with great fanfare in 1984, dragging them from relative obscurity to championship winners

Welcome to the Neymar show, 24-hour reality TV with only one star

The Brazilian has endured a turbulent week - even by the standards of the Neymar-verse - as he has been forced to defend himself against sexual assault allegations

Tottenham training ‘like animals’ ahead of Champions League final

Tottenham are preparing for one of the biggest games in the club's victory

How Morgan’s England can recapture nation’s imagination

 Often you’ll hear it said that this is English cricket’s last chance to connect with its public. That may be true. But it’s also the best