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John Rentoul

John Rentoul is The Independent’s chief political commentator, having worked for the title since 1995. He is also visiting professor at King’s College, London, and a prominent tweeter. He is the author of a biography of Tony Blair and, with Jon Davis, of Heroes or Villains? The Blair Government Reconsidered. As well as writing about politics, he contributes a weekly top 10 of curiosities and Mea Culpa, a column about style and usage

Boris Johnson could be out of the job within months

To stop a no-deal Brexit, the House of Commons could begin by deposing Johnson and installing a caretaker prime minister, and it's unlikely to be Corbyn

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John Rentoul Mea Culpa: we do not need to contract out facts to ‘experts’

Questions of style and usage in last week’s Independent

Does Boris’s cycling legacy show a PM who could actually do something?

From what we know of him, he is an interventionist politician with at least some record of getting things done

Top 10 things politicians have brandished in speeches

Objects waved about by attention-seekers in history

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