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John Rentoul

John Rentoul is The Independent’s chief political commentator, having worked for the title since 1995. He is also visiting professor at King’s College, London, and a prominent tweeter. He is the author of a biography of Tony Blair, among other books. As well as writing widely on politics, he contributes a weekly top 10 and Mea Culpa, a column about questions of style and usage
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John Rentoul Has the forward march of Corbynism been halted?

Jeremy Corbyn succeeded because he defined himself as against the system: but now, with the party split and his message on the wane, the strategy may have come unstuck, says John Rentoul

Why the Tory defectors will have no impact on Brexit

The Tory breakaway is remarkably similar to the Labour one in that its cause is something that happened some time ago

Mea Culpa: warp factor one in the State of the Union address

Questions of style and usage in this week’s Independent

Corbyn hardens Brexit policy – making split in the party more likely

Once again, the veteran socialist has disappointed supporters of a Final Say referendum

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