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Jenny Eclair

Jenny Eclair is a comedian, novelist and actress known principally for her appearances on ‘Grumpy Old Women’ and ‘Loose Women’, as well as an Independent columnist

My generation ruined the world so thank God the kids are revolting

A recent Don McCullin exhibition brought home how shocking it is that we have failed to improve our planet

The death of British sitcoms couldn't have come at a worse time

Imagine if just for half an hour a week, we could forget that we hate our neighbours’ guts and have a good communal laugh instead

How about we invent things to make life easier for OAPs, not harder

While modernity gallops on making life simpler, more exciting, more immediate for the young, the needs of the old are being completely ignored

The annual Christmas ad contest has shown what we really care about

Iceland has sadly ruled itself out, considering its ad has been deemed too political for broadcast, while Morrisons delivers a nice family message without much spark