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Jenny Eclair

Jenny Eclair is a comedian, novelist and actress known principally for her appearances on ‘Grumpy Old Women’ and ‘Loose Women’, as well as an Independent columnist

Gents, thanks for your opinion on Fleabag, but now please rein it in

I have fallen asleep during every Jason Bourne film ever, but I don’t feel the need to take to Twitter and insist they’re rubbish

How to fight the snobs zooming in on Aintree’s boozy Ladies Day

The message is clear. See how the riff-raff can’t be trusted to behave themselves – you give them a taste of the high life and see what they do? They vomit it all over their own shoes

A Marie Kondo session let me rediscover my teenage treasure trove

I went to town on my tops and jumper drawer and now the thing closes – which is a move in the right direction

Andy Murray has shown me how impossible retirement seems

Once upon a time I’d have been 14 months off receiving my state pension, but don’t expect to see me disappear into the wings just yet