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Jenny Eclair

Jenny Eclair is a comedian, novelist and actress known principally for her appearances on ‘Grumpy Old Women’ and ‘Loose Women’, as well as an Independent columnist
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Jenny Eclair Porthcawl’s anti-sex toilets are ruining the fun for everyone

I’m sure Porthcawl could spend its money elsewhere, maybe on something that didn’t deter rough sleepers?

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Jenny Eclair Thank God women aren’t interested in being ‘muses’ for men these days

The hours are terrible, the pension arrangements appalling, and then there’s the constant expectation of giving oral sex. How on earth did the likes of Edie Sedgwick, Dora Maar and Camille Claude survive?

As my mum hits 90, I fear the robot helper is unwelcome

How long we live and how well we live in old age is such a lottery. Most of us who get anywhere near a century will have something wrong with us either physically or mentally

Let’s stop celebrating men for being ‘unpredictable’ comics

Erratic comedians may boast talent in spades, but there is danger in giving people too much licence in allowing them to believe their skills absolve them of any bad behaviour