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Jane Fae

Jane Fae is a writer and feminist with a particular interest in the rights of individuals to express their own sexuality without censure by the state. She is an active supporter of Consenting Adult Action Network, as well as regular contributor to national and LGBT press.

How the media blamed two non-existent ‘North Africans' for a murder

In a matter of hours, two US American students were charged, but it didn't matter. The far-right had already fed their fabrications to the mainstream until it was no longer clear what was true and what was fake

Gender-neutral uniforms are great – but this isn’t about being trans

Adoption of the policy by Welsh schools has been hailed by the media as progress for the ‘trans agenda’. But for the most part they are unrelated. Claiming they are suggests we have a long way to go before people understand trans folk

Report into transphobia is a genuine milestone for transgender rights

Though the process of turning those rights into practical detail has hardly started

Which gender toilet does a trans person choose? Why does it matter?

A small minority of non-trans people have insisted on making it dangerous to go to the bathroom