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James Moore

James Moore is The Independent’s chief business commentator and a columnist for Independent Voices. He writes daily for the title’s business section on business, finance and economics. His regular Voices columns, usually on Thursdays and Saturdays, cover a wide range of issues including politics, the rights of disabled people and his own disability, education and health.

M&S boss Rowe wants to be judged on pace of change not trading outcome

When business leaders resort to that sort of statement you know the trading outcomes have been bad

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James Moore British Steel’s collapse underlines the government’s incompetence

Analysis: The fact that the banks were bailed out, and British Steel is being hung out to dry, suggests the British state will step in to help the City but not the industrial Midlands or north

Metro Bank faces challenge to reassure customers as rumours fly

Talk about its financial health has been doing the rounds on social media. This morning the bank sought to stop the rot 

Sod the Rich List, we should be publishing a ‘Tax Contributor’ list

The avoidance of tax by people who can afford to pay more contributes greatly to the crippling of social programmes and other beneficial government activities such as education and the NHS