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James Moore

James Moore is The Independent’s chief business commentator and a columnist for Independent Voices. He writes daily for the title’s business section on business, finance and economics. His regular Voices columns, usually on Thursdays and Saturdays, cover a wide range of issues including politics, the rights of disabled people and his own disability, education and health.

Why Spider-Man fans could benefit from his departure from Marvel

Disney has got too big and too powerful, Sony may be the only studio which can compete

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James Moore Could Netflix and porn be the death of Channel Four?

CEO Alex Mahon was joking when she said the broadcaster was battling for attention, but many a true word is spoken in jest, writes James Moore

Dominic Raab is taking inspiration from the White House

We aren’t quite at Trump levels of effrontery just yet. But it’s the road Johnson, Raab and their friends are taking us down, and it will lead us to a dark place

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James Moore Here’s why Wall Street doesn’t care that Apple’s iPhone sales are down

Inside BusinessThe tech giant’s shares rose despite the drop in sales of its signature product

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