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Harriet Marsden

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Harriet Marsden The legacy of Astrid Lindgren and the world’s strongest girl

This year marks the 75th anniversary of Pippi Longstocking, the most popular character of Swedish author and activist Astrid Lindgren. Harriet Marsden speaks to Lindgren’s family, fans – and Bjorn from ABBA – about her cultural legacy and why Pippi is still so appealing

Long Reads

Harriet Marsden Child sex abuse, corruption and cover-ups: Football’s dirty secret

Ahead of the results from an inquiry into the allegations, Andrew Woodward and Steve Walters, two of the first victims to name Barry Bennell as their abuser, speak to Harriet Marsden about life after the revelations

Let Northern Irish women take the abortion pill at home too

More than 50 years after the death of Gerri Santoro, it has still taken a woman’s pain made public, subjected to public dissection, for meaningful change to be made. So how long will it take for the women of Northern Ireland to be heard?

Here's how we'll get men to share the burden of care after Brexit

British businesses planning for a world beyond Brexit desperately need their own systems in place to support people taking leave, working from home or going part-time to care for a parent