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Geoffrey Macnab has been writing about film for The Independent since the 1990s. He is also a senior correspondent at Screen International. His books include ‘Stairways to Heaven: Rebuilding the British Film Industry’ (2018), ‘Ingmar Bergman: The Life and Films of the Last Great European Director’, ‘Delivering Dreams: A Century of British Film Distribution’, ‘The Making of Taxi Driver’, ‘Searching for Stars: Stardom and Screen Acting in British Cinema’, ‘Screen Epiphanies’ and ‘J Arthur Rank and the British Film Industry’.
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Geoffrey Macnab Why Adam Driver is his generation’s most sought-after leading man

As the actor hits the screens next week in ‘The Rise of Skywalker’, Geoffrey Macnab considers how he’s actually best in offbeat roles rather than as a mercurial, lightsaber-wielding villain


Geoffrey Macnab Lucy in the Sky: Why do some space films fail to take off?

The prestige project starring Natalie Portman is only the latest in a very long line of galactic misfires, says Geoffrey Macnab, including ‘Jupiter Ascending’ and ‘Passenger’

Joker review: A dark, powerful film with a brooding Joaquin Phoenix

Todd Phillips’s ingenious movie gives us a portrait of the future super villain as a troubled young man, finds Geoffrey Macnab

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Geoffrey Macnab Why Marriage Story is a breakup film for the millennial era

Noah Baumbach’s film, starring Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver, shows a couple arranging an amicable divorce, but it’s only the latest in a long list of enduring films about separation, writes Geoffrey Macnab

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