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Ellie Fry

Ellie Fry writes long reads, lifestyle features and comment pieces which cover a wide range of topics including social issues, housing, feminism and education.

12 best Singles Day gifts to celebrate being 'self-partnered'

If it's good enough for her, then it's good enough for us

What Brexit means for survivors of domestic abuse

Since 2010, one in six women’s refuges has closed as funding has been cut by almost £7m. Ellie Fry investigates how things could get a lot worse for women’s services when the UK leaves the EU

10 best highlighters

Calling all glow-getters: we’ve got you covered, from liquids to powders

You need to hear exactly how elitist the grammar school system is

I wish that I could tell my 11-year-old self that failing that entry test would not be a reflection on my later achievements – and that this archaic system of selective education does not have to seal your fate