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Editorial Jess Phillips’ entry into the Labour race will spark a vigorous debate

There is a plank to her platform about which she is not forthcoming, but which is important: she is the candidate of a clean break with Corbynism


Editorial This election campaign has been nothing but a disappointment

Politics may remain a grubby old game, but we cannot let the antics of the last few weeks be repeated again


Editorial Boris Johnson wants to engage with ‘the people’ – here’s how to do it

Should we perhaps pause to wonder whether the Acropolis is really evidence that the Greek war leader Pericles 'believed in great infrastructure projects'? Or should we move on to slightly more relevant political questions?


Editorial Here is how Jeremy Corbyn can overcome the competence deficit

An exclusive BMG opinion poll for The Independent finds the Labour leader is seen as ‘less competent’ than Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt or Theresa May – which is the cost of his equivocation on Brexit