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Chris is the acting Deputy Premium Editor for The Independent. He started at the title in 2010 as a reporter, before working for The Independent on Sunday in the same role. In 2014 he was made Assistant Foreign Editor across The Independent, The Independent on Sunday and the i newspaper, before taking the job as International Editor between 2016 and 2018. Having moved to New York, he ran the US office before returning for his current role.

Politics explained

Chris Stevenson Democrats look to keep pressure on Trump over impeachment inquiry

With the president in Europe this week at a Nato summit, Democrats will hope to keep the pressure on in Washington, Chris Stevenson writes

Trump doesn't care about Navy SEALs. He cares about 2020

At any other time, former Navy Secretary Spencer's reported request for a private deal with the White House would have been met with open arms

News analysis

Chris Stevenson Impeachment is upstaging the Democrats’ 2020 race

Analysis: With the president’s Ukraine scandal grabbing all the attention on the Hill, the battle to select a 2020 opponent is making more of a whimper than a bang, writes Chris Stevenson

Politics explained

Chris Stevenson Trump is playing with fire over threats of impeachment legal action

The president may think attack is the best form of defence, but it could prove a disastrous miscalculation, writes Chris Stevenson