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Alexandra Pollard


Good riddance to The Jeremy Kyle Show: a snobbish circus of cruelty

Thank heavens that Jeremy Kyle will no longer darken our television screens, writes Alexandra Pollard in our weekly arts column, but the circus should have left town long ago

Jessie Buckley: ‘You need to step into environments that destroy you’

The Irish actor and rising Hollywood star talks to Alexandra Pollard about her role in Sky Atlantic’s nuclear disaster drama ‘Chernobyl’, the strange prospect of fame, and being on a BBC talent show over a decade ago 

Robyn review, Alexandra Palace: Exhilarating, practically perfect show

Record labels are desperately searching for the new Robyn. Clearly, though, this one isn’t done yet

Farewell, Fleabag: How the show's protagonist let go of her guilt

As the show comes to an end after just two series, Alexandra Pollard celebrates the legacy of its flawed, complicated anti-heroine