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From Betrayal to Memento: why create art that goes backwards?

As ‘Betrayal’ returns to the stage, starring Tom Hiddleston, Paul Taylor looks at the vast body of art in which people are shown living their lives backwards – to arresting and revealing effect

Ralph Fiennes interview: 'The film world is too horrendous'

The actor on his latest role in the National Theatre's 'Antony and Cleopatra' and its themes of ageing, power and masculinity, his love of Shakespeare, and not always being typecast as a 'twisted English intellectual anxious type'

Stephen Sondheim’s most fascinating female characters

In the West End revival of ‘Company’, opening this week, leading man Bobby is played by a woman. But Sondheim has never short-changed his actresses, says Daisy Buchanan

Consent, difficult women, and intimacy coaches... welcome to The One

Vicky Jones wrote her first play, 'The One', for her best friend and Fleabag co-creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Now it's being revived – with a brand new star

How free are artists 50 years after the end of stage censorship?

In 1968, the Theatres Act did away with the Lord Chamberlain’s red pen. But a new exhibition at the V&A looks at how subtler forms of censorship may still exist today 

After Caleb Femi was almost killed, Frankenstein gave him new life

The former Young People's Laureate for London on how literature, poetry and theatre can change young people's lives